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Jun 28, 2011

Today short hair is fashion for girls and long hair for guys. But both of them need shining and dandruff free hair. Here are some natural tips to a have a beautiful shining silky hair.

Beauty hair tips:

• First diet is very important to have a healthy hair because what you eat is who you are. The food which you must have regularly is sunflower seeds, almonds, walnut, eggs, whole wheat bread and brown rice.

• Then green leafy vegetables are must daily.

• take half cup of coconut milk, 4 drops of lemon juice,2 spoon of fenugreek powder mix all the above three items and apply in hair for 30 minutes then have a hair bath to get rid of spilt ends. Use mild shampoo for rinsing.

• Take some neem leaves and boil in hot water, use this water for washing your hair, as it removes dandruff.

• Take foods which are rich in vitamin B to get rid of white hairs.

• to prevent hair fall take some neem leaves and add sufficient amount of milk and grind till you get a paste apply this paste for 1 hour weekly once and then rinse.

• to avoid baldness take coconut oil and heat till it becomes warm then massage nicely in roots and scalp, leave it over night then rinse in the morning do this weekly twice for having a shiny hair.

• Also include dates, fish, saffron, spinach in your diet to avoid early graying of hair.

• When you color your hair don’t apply the color till the roots since the color is made up of harmful chemicals which will side-effects in your hair growth.

• Apply aloevera gel to your hair and leave for half hour then rinse with warm water do this once in a month to have smooth hair.

• When you move out it is advisable to wear a cap or some scarf to prevent your hair from pollution.

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