Tips to heal chappy lips in winter


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Jul 5, 2011
Tips to heal chappy lips in winter

Exposure to harsh winter can drain moisture from your skin. Your lips being the most delicate and soft are the worst sufferers. Chapped lips not only look bad, they can be very painful if not taken care of.

Moisturisers can get help you getting soft and supple skin, oil can bring back lost moisture and lip balms surely help keep your lips soft and crack-free. Here are some effective ways to say goodbye to chapped lips this winter

- First and foremost always go for cream-based lip balms that will soothe your lips.

- Avoid licking lips as this tends to dry out your lips more. Over-application of balms encourages licking so try to get your hands on flavourless lip balms.

- Avoid glosses and long wear lip colour which can have an alcohol base and dry lips out even more.

- Stay hydrated and drink adequate water and juices to keep your lips hydrated and nourished from inside.

- Matte lipstciks also add greatly to dryness so avoid them and go for lipsticks with vitamin E or with good moisturising properties.

- Apply vitamin E to your chapped lips to soothe, relieve and take away the chapping, break open a capsule and apply it on your lips overnight.

- If your lips are flaky and dull then start with is an exfoliator. Go for a little sugar mixed in your lips balm and lightly scrub over lips. This will remove dry dead skin creating a fresh layer of moist skin.

- You can also use a soft toothbrush to softly buff your lips to remove the deposit of dead cells that will only cause more drying and flaking.

- Follow this with Vaseline or a hydrating lip balm, do this at night as this is the best time to heal.

- Keep up the routine of applying medicated lip balm with good SPF or reapply the balm.

- If you want to keep it more natural and subtle then apply some malai (milk cream) mixed with lemon drops before you go to bed.


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Jul 26, 2012
thanks viji for sharing the ways to protect our lips from this winter cold.
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