Tips To Highlight Your Eyes


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Jun 8, 2011
The eyes of a woman is the doorway to her heart. Eyes speak, they show who you are. It is one of the feature which attracts a guy the most. If you highlight your eyes beautifully, they will definitely attract more attention. Highlight your eyes with these eye make up tips in order to make them look all the more beautiful and appealing.

Basic Tips: Before going for any fancy eye make up to highlight your eyes, first coat it with foundation that matches your skin. Start it from the inside corner of your eye to the outside. It will hide all blemishes and dark circles (in case you have any). You may then apply some nude eye shadows for your eye. Also, use an eyebrow pencil to darken your eyebrow. Do not forget to apply mascara on your eye lashes.

Highlighting Tips:Shiny/Glossy Eye Liners: Bored of using the same old black eye liners and Kohl? You can go for multi coloured wet or pencil shimmer eye liners this season. Apply it as a liquid Kohl below your eyes. It will highlight your eyes and make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Bold Eye Shades: Time to wear cool eye shades. Well, you can find many bold eye liner colours like orange, green or blue available from a wide range of brands. Get that chic look by applying any one of these shades over your eyelids. If you want to add some further zing to it, also apply it on the lower part of your eyes as a Kohl.

Nail Art: Have you only heard of nail art? Now here comes something called an eye art. Just like nail art, you can make simple, trendy and elegant patterns on your eyelids with liners. You may choose two or three bright coloured liners and draw some patterns with it on both the eyelids. Extend a little liner on the outer side of your eyes. This kind of eye art would add extra peppiness to your look.

Shimmer Eye Shades: Apply some bright coloured shimmer eye shadow on your eyelids and stretch it a little below your eye brows. You may also try applying two or three different shades of shimmer eye shadows on your eyelids.

Highlighter: It is a must for accomplishing a perfect eye make up. Silver eye highlighters go best with Western attires while you can also opt for golden shades with some Indian ethnic wears.

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