Tips to improve the Infants' Speach


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Dec 2, 2011
Tips to improve the Infants' Speach


· After 6 months, generally, most of the children tend to utter few words.

· From now on, even if they do not try to utter any word, you should be talking to them, whenever they are awake.

· Please do not think that they cannot understand anything. They will surely do.

· You can teach the names of the persons at home and how they are related.

· You can teach them about the names of each and everything at home.

· You can teach about the colors and shapes of all the objects around you.

· Even while you take them outside, be explaining about the surroundings and the things around you.

· You can teach about the sounds of birds and animals and ask them to repeat.

· After 10 months, you can make them sit beside you and feed the food. During this time and while you make them sleep, you can tell some stories, repeatedly. In between, you can ask them to continue few sentences.

· You can make them hear the nursery rhymes or any songs for children. You can also sing along, so that, they will also start singing with you.

· You can talk about the way you cook while you are cooking or doing any other household work and ask them also to explain.

So, When the infants don’t try to speak on their own, it is in your hands to make them speak. They will surely understand whatever you speak.
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