Tips to Induce Hunger during Pregnancy


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Dec 2, 2011
Tips to induce hunger during pregnancy

· During Pregnancy, you may have severe vomiting , due to which you may not feel like taking any intake. This is not a favorable condition.

· Now, it is the time, you have adjust both your Vomiting and adjust your regular intake.

· You need to have lesser to very lesser meals, than usual.

· The time frequency of the intake of meals should be increased.

· When you have severe vomiting, you can very well have 10 to 12 meals. By following this, you will also not starve, since you may vomit whatever you take in. At the same time, you will not vomit the whole intake, if you had taken a larger meal.

· You can do very lighter exercises, which will help a lot in inducing hunger.

· There are special exercises in Yoga, which will increase the appetite . You can learn this from the hospital authorities, who have special Yoga instructors. Or, you can learn from a genuine traditional Yoga master, personally.

· You can eat, whatever you like, at this time. This is because, during this time, you may not like few food items, which you had liked most all these years.

· You can have healthy snacks in between the meals.

· Please avoid any type of junk foods and oily foods.

· You can try to change the food pattern , which you had followed all these years. This will create interest for you to take few more food items.

· It is a myth, that you should eat for 2 members, since you are having a child inside. You should have the normal food intake only.

So, never starve, since you feel like vomiting . You ought to have food either in any form.
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