Tips to maitain a healthy sex drive


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Tips to maitain a healthy sex drive

Let's face it, modern life isn’t too friendly to the human libido. Contemporary challenges to a healthy sex drive are many: Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal exhaustion, poor nutrition, prescription medications, hormonal birth control, too much stress and too little sleep. Many factors determine a healthy sex drive and today we're looking at what determines a healthy sex drive and how to maintain it.

Finally if you’re sure that you’re eating right, exercising well and are in the right frame of mind but still suffering from a lack of libido, consulting a doctor may be a good idea. But most of us are guilty of not giving ourselves a fair chance due to poor food habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. So try out these tips for a healthy sex drive, and who knows - maybe they'll do the trick in no time!

Factors that determine a healthy sex drive:
Sex hormones – For women both estrogen and testosterone at healthy levels are very vital in maintaining libido as well as fertility. In men too, testosterone is vital. Men with clinically defined low libido are often diagnosed with low testosterone. Diabetes and obesity can also contribute to low testosterone by impairing its production. Other hormones – Prolactin decreases libido in both sexes. Prolactin is elevated during breast feeding.

Age – This one depends on our attitude and our efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. Like everything else sexual drive is governed by our efforts to ensure that we eat well and excercise. If you have remained strong and healthy without any preset notions about how age affects sexual health, chances are your sex drive will remain at respectable levels with age too.

Stress – Short-term effects of stress are the irritability, the bad moods etc. but the long-term effects of chronic stress results once again in hormonal imbalances. Cortisol levels also play a role in arousal and sexual health.

Exercise – Exercise is the smartest thing you can do for your libido. The advantages are endless – The boost of self-confidence, the surge in endorphins, the increased blood flow, the hormonal advantages like the boost in testosterone…The flip side is that too much exercise can result in exhaustion and once again the hormonal balance gets distorted.

Here are some simple practices to maintain a healthy sex drive.
1) Diet – Some foods (no we’re not talking about ‘aphrodisiacs’ here) contain nutrients and compounds that promote various elements of successful sexual functioning. Fish and nuts offer a healthy dose of fatty acids, which foster hormonal balance and help thin the blood. But more important is consuming a nutrient dense diet high in antioxidants and minerals generous in good fats.

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