Tips To Make A Deodorant Last Longer!


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Jun 8, 2011
Smelling good all day long is the main motto during summers. Maintaining personal hygiene by bathing twice a day and applying perfumes or deodorants becomes the basic necessity of this hot season. Many people try making natural deodorants or perfumes at home by using essential oils and extracts. To socialize on a summer day without being uncomfortable and the urge to smell good keeps attacking you. So, we give you some of the proper techniques to apply a deodorant to feel fresh for 24 hours.

How to apply a deodorant?

1. Always shake the bottle well before spraying.

2. Don't spray deodorants directly on your armpits. Spray in good quantity after dressing if you sweat a lot.

3. If you are using a roller, let the skin dry. Then wear clothes.

Although deodorants offer 24 hours protection, in reality nothing works the best. After applying an aromatic deodorant, how to make this spray last longer? Check out the tips to smell good all day long.

1. Shower twice a day to kill bacteria. Germs and bacteria can increase body odour. Instead of showering with hot water, prefer cold or lukewarm water. Hot water makes you sweat again after taking bath.

2. Avoid wearing clothes that can make you sweat. Polyester and thick fabric clothes doesn't allow your skin to breathe.

3. Light clothes such as that of cotton is ideal for summers. Air passes through skin and prevents the formation of body odour.

4. If you are using a roller or deodorant, apply talcum powder also. Powder makes your roller or deodorant last longer.

5. Clean your armpits. Hair can increase the growth of bacteria and germs. Keep it clean to avoid the formation of perspiration.

6. To make your deodorant last longer, apply little toothpaste to your armpits before bathing. Leave the paste for 5-7 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

7. One of the tricks to smell good all day long during summers is by spraying deodorant on your neck and wrist. Don't restrict yourself to spraying only under armpits.

8. Try to open your armpits so that the skin dries and prevents the formation of body odour.

9. If you are wearing a full sleeved top or shirt, make sure that you spray deodorant all over your dress.

10. If you are wearing sleeveless tops or blouses then, wash your armpits after every 2-4 hours and spray the deodorant again.

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