Tips to manage Morning sickness at work


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May 21, 2011
Is that nauseous feeling creeping up at all hours of the day? As a working expectant mom, you'll need a few go-to tips for preventing and eliminating morning sickness while you're in the office. After all, no one wants to get sick in front of their coworkers!
1. Snack frequently. Keeping your stomach coated with a layer of food can keep nausea at bay. Crackers are a well-known option for relieving discomfort and peppermint candies can also help.
2. Stay hydrated. In addition to plenty of water, ginger ale, lemonade and ginger tea are known to reduce queasiness.
3. Go for a walk. To get some relief, you may want to leave your office and take a short stroll around the neighboring area. The fresh air can be calming and the steady motion may settle your stomach.
4. Talk to your doctor about medication, if any.
5. Smell the right scents. Microwaved food or a latte can trigger nausea in some women. Believe it or not, avoiding these fragrances as much as possible can do wonders for your tummy. On the flip side, some expectant moms have found relief from the scent of lemons - you may want to keep a couple freshly-cut slices on your desk.
6. Chew gum. Some women swear that regularly chewing on a spearmint flavored stick of gum can help settle an upset stomach. Keep a multi-pack on hand and see what it can do for you.


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