Tips to Prepare your Child for the first visit to the School


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Hi Moms,

Till now, your child would be familiar only with the Parents and other close relatives at home. May be some neighbouring children would also be familiar.

The child may feel insecured in the new surroundings of the School without your presence .

So, now it is your duty to make the child feel comfortable in the new surroundings of the School.

Here are some tips for you to tackle the situation without any tension.



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From 1 or 2 months earlier itself, you need to start telling your child about the school, it’s activities, about the friends, teachers and all the other things.

From now itself, you can ask him to tell immediately to you, once he feels about his nature's call. If you are wearing him the nappies, please stop it immediately. Every time he announces about his feeling of the nature's call, you can take him to the rest room and after he is cleaned, you got to praise him for that. You can tell him, that he has to follow the same method in his school also, to avoid wetting his dress. Tell him that it will stink if he is wetting it.

By preparing them mentally from few months earlier, they will be very eager to attend the school and they will have less fear to get accustomed.

You can show the below Videos about the School and it’s surroundings.

You should stimulate their interest about the School by the following ways.

You can tell that the Child is going to meet so many new friends, talk to them and play with them.

You can tell them that the teacher will teach many new games which will be very interesting and many new rhymes, words, shapes , colors and through learning these, the child is going to become very intelligent like it’s Parents.

If the child is to be put in a Play school, then you can tempt the child that she can wear many new dresses of her choice which will be very interesting.

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Tell the child that there will be a big board, in which she can draw of her choices and the teacher will also teach her new lessons, by writing on such a big board.

Also tell her, that she can tell new stories to you daily, about her friends, teachers and other things , which happened in the school and you follow this daily.

Initially, give him the snacks which he loves a lot. Get an attractive Lunch box .

Tell him that he will have many other friends there who will also eat at specific time and that he can also follow that. Tell him that he would feel very happy to eat along with so many new friends.

Also tell him that you will say him "good boy" once when you find his lunch box empty after coming from the school.

Also tell him, that he is growing into a Big boy who will eat by himself. And tell him that he can grow very strong so that he can play, read, very well, only when he eats the whole thing which is given and by himself.

By looking at his friends, he will start eating himself.

Please don't forget to praise him after coming from school.

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Ask him to tell the teacher if he has any complaints about his friends and should not bite or beat them instead.

You should never Portray the School or the teacher as a fearful place or person.

Never scold about the teacher or care taker in the school in front of your son. Also don't create any bad impression about any one else including his friends.

Teach him that all the friends will be good and ask him to tell those friends who is fighting with him, that they could be good friends, if he /she is not fighting.

If any of his friend behaves rudely or badly, (you must bear in mind that the specific boy is also a child and he would change within few more months) then you can consult that with the teacher.

Tell him that he should give respect to the Ayah also, by not calling her name but call her as aunty . The habit of giving respect to elders irrespective of their designation will develop.

Keep him next to you while you keep his things ready to school ,and tell him that before getting ready to coming home, he should check his belongings without losing them. And you can praise for this if he does that.

Always try to be punctual to the school to cultivate the habit in the child.

Please do not worry if the child cries to go to School. Surely, it will last only for a maximum period of 1 week or ten days. Subsequently, they will get accustomed and will start enjoying to attend the school.

By following these tips, you can be tension free in sending your child to the new school and your child will also feel very happy to attend the school.

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