Tips to Take care of Yourself while at work


Minister's of Penmai
May 21, 2011
Some tips to take care of yourself while working:

• Put your feet up. Keep a box or stool under your desk.

• Wear comfortable shoes. You might try maternity or support tights, too.

• Dress comfortably.

• Seek out the support of fellow mothers.

• Take breaks. Stand up and stretch if you've been sitting; sit down and raise your feet if you've been standing.

• Drink a lot. Keep a tall water glass at your desk, and refill it often. (This will also give you a chance to take a break.)

• Evaluate your office space. Working at a computer won't harm your developing baby, but pregnant women are more susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome (numb, achy fingers), so be sure to take any steps you can to make your desk and chair arrangement as comfortable as possible.

• Rest, rest, rest. Don't over-exert yourself at home or at work.

Eat properly. Avoid the workplace diet of constant coffee.

• Avoid workplace hazards.

• Reduce stress. If you can't eliminate a stress factor in your workplace, try to find ways to manage it, such as deep-breathing exercises, yoga, stretching, or simply taking a short walk.

• Accept help. If your colleagues want to baby you a little, and you don't mind, then let them. Consider yourself lucky to be in a supportive environment. This is a rare and special time in your life and it would be a shame to have to pretend that nothing is different. Make the most of it!

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