Tips to use Gold makeup


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Jul 5, 2011
Tips to use Gold makeup

Every woman loves gold and that is reflected not just from her choice of jewellery but also her choice of makeup. Gold in your makeup is a colour that has many purposes. You can use it as a plain face highlighter or the main theme of your makeup. Either way it will give a richness to your makeup that is more than just the 'shine' and 'glitter' element of it.

Here are some basic face and eye makeup ideas that you can use to get your gold makeup right without overdoing it.

Tips To Use Gold Makeup:

1. Firstly you need to understand that gold is a tint or an accent, not a colour to be used like red or blue. If you get this point then you will never have problems with getting the proportions of this makeup shade right.

2. Now having said that gold cannot be used in the same proportion as other makeup colours we also have to say that it can still be the base of your makeup. If you are wearing a black and gold dress then you can obviously work your makeup around gold shades and not just use use it as a face highlighter on the edges of your cheeks.

3. Gold like red is not a single definite colour. There are many shades like glitter gold, transparent gold, matt gold and white gold. So you will have to choose the kind of gold you want to use according to how much of it you are using in your makeup.

4. The most common form of gold makeup that we all use on special occasions is a puff of gold dust. You finish your makeup with whatever colours you have chosen and then dust some gold powder on your face to brighten it up. It protects your makeup under its layer and also gives your face a golden glow.

5. However, this is not the only way to use this makeup shade. When you want some solid gold base for your face, use a thick stroke of gold face highlighter on your cheek bones. You can support this with a layer of gold dust on the rest of your face.

6. Your eye makeup ideas with gold are the most interesting part of the bargain. You can use gold in almost all possible ways on your eyes. It can be your sole eyeshadow shade, in which case you have to choose a matt gold shade. You can use it with a bit of white to get that contemporary fashion model look.

7. When you use gold as an eyeliner, it can do a lot for your eyes. Use it just as on its own and it will give a pale glitter to your eyes. You can also accentuate your normal eye liner with a thin line of gold to give depth to your eyes,
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