To conceive simple steps to follow..

Jul 13, 2011
Tampa, USA
For those who wants to conceive, please follow the given simple procedure to find out if you are ovulating or not and the day on which you are ovulating. Ovulation is the process in which the egg gets generated in you. To conceive the egg should accept a sperm which comes from your partner.

- have a simple digital thermometer and a monthly calendar.

- every morning, before getting from the bed(don't place your feet on the ground and dont drink anything) take the temperature. Note down the temperature on the calendar. Let's say the normal body temperature is 97F.

- on the day of ovulation there will be a slight variation(high) in the temparutre. Let's say the temperature is 99F or 100 F. Note down the temperature on the calendar.

-follow the above procedure for at least two months. (simple procedure isn't it?).

Now if you look at your two months calendar you would see that in a particular week of each month, on one or more days the temperature would be higher than the normal body temperature. If you see a raise in the temperature, that means you are ovulating. Once the egg is generated, it will be waiting for the sperm for 2-4 days. Let say 3rd week of the month on 25, 26 & 27 you are generating eggs.(approx. Every 3rd week you are ovulating)

Now the main thing...In that ovulating week, pray to God, have a relaxed mind & body and have intercourse on the days you are ovulating(safer side have intercourse on all the days in that week). After intercourse, don't get up immediately. Lie down for a while(Keep your hip high using a pillow) . You could have intercourse as many times as you want on these days. If your egg is enriched enough to accept sperm, you could get conceived.

We were postponing the baby for 5 years and we tried the above method and clicked in the first attempt. We recommended the same procedure to our friends in India and everyone was able to find out the ovulating day and conceive successfully. The above method is called 'basal testing' and very popular here in USA. Please google for 'basal testing' for more information.

Note: I've 7 doctors in my family and none of them aware of the above procedure. Most of the doctors in India don't know the above simple test.

Good luck every one. Should you need any more information, please feel free to contact me.
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Jan 15, 2012
nice information as i'm trying to get conceive this info help me. please let me know how long we should lie down in same position after intercourse
Sep 23, 2011
hi i am new to this site. thank u very much for this information. this is very useful. also is there any way for getting a girl child. i am already having a 4 yr old cute boy but i am very much fond of girl ( dont tell him friends)
one friend of mine said that the intercourse should be very freq to conceive a girl, is that so,
kindly help me in this regard
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