to get rid of louse (paens) in head


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Jun 11, 2011
dear friends,

This is actually a beauty tip. As new threads are not accepting in beauty forum, iam sharing here,

From known age, i was very much suffered a lot due to louse on my head. anytime, my hands will be on my head only. i feel very ashamed in my friends cirlces, offices, and public places. 3 yrs before, one of my friend, suggested me to use one nattu medicine "AKKA MEDICINE"- a bottle. we have to mix that in a bottle containing 50ml of any coconut oil ( i used ordinary coconut oil). we have to daily apply one time on our head (as usual) until the oil gets completed. within one week, you can feel the difference. After 3 yrs also, there is not even a single louse on my head. Really, this works good.

frnds, use this & share with your circles too. let others also get rid of this irritating problem.

go to a nattu medical shop and enquire. use & enjoy......


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear nimi, my experience I expained below if it is suitable that can be followed by members who are still having the problem lice.

I put a quarter cup of salt into a cup and a quarter of vinegar in a spray bottle. (That was the amount of vinegar that was required to make the salt go into solution otherwise the salt crystals clog the spray bottle.) Sprayed on enough to wet my hair and put on a disposable shower cap for two hours. Then I washed and conditioned my hair. I did this once every three days for a total of four times. I used vinegar because that was already in the spray-bottle and I was too desperate to take a chance on plain saltwater. (Plain vinegar does not work.) Salt mixed with just the water might work. Maybe I didn't need to do four treatments. I probably combed my hair a few times with a lice comb but I didn't have anyone. You can probably use the cotton strips for children that are used for perms to make sure the solution doesn't go into their eyes.

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