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Jul 5, 2011
Healthy recipeTofu rice mix

Discovered over 2000 years ago by the Chinese, tofu is lovably called the 'cheese of Asia'.

A highly nutritious protein-rich ingredient, tofu is made from the curds of soybean milk. When these rectangular blocks are paired with nutritious vegetables and rice, it takes only 15 minutes to create a healthy dinner. A Minnie Pandit's recipe, let us learn this favourite packed dinner takeout- tofu rice mix recipe.

About Minnie Pandit: Co Author of Edouard Cointreau's "Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2010" book - Super Foods: Make your child a Genius, Minnie Pandit has been in the field of cooking and teaching kids recipes for over 16 years.

1/2 cup organic rice
200 gm button mushrooms
200 gm tofu
6 spinach leaves
1 onion
1 star fruit
1 green chilli
1/2" ginger rhizome
1 ttsp dry coriander powder
1 tsp bishop's weed
1/2 tsp bay leaf powder
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste

- Soak rice for 3-4 hours
- Wash mushrooms in warm water
- Wash spinach leaves in salt water. Rinse
- Cube Tofu and dice star fruit
- Rub Black salt on tofu and keep aside
- Chop mushrooms, onion, ginger and green chilli

- Put oil in pan, add bishops's weed and onion.
- Stir for a while and add chopped mushrooms.
- Cover the pan and cook on low flame (do not brown them).
- Add coriander powder, chopped green chilli and ginger. Again cook for 3-4 mins.
- Drain water of rice. and add to pan. Stir well.
- Cover the pan and allow rice to get cooked.
- Add salt and toss to mix.
- Add tofu, spinach leaves and star fruit to the rice. Cover the pan and put off the flame.
- Open to sprinkle some bay leaf powder on top.
- Cover again and allow the steam to reach every ingredient in the pan.
- Serve the dish.

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