Toothbrush foods for a dazzling smile


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Jul 5, 2011
Toothbrush foods for a dazzling smile

Want to whiten your teeth sans cosmetic procedures? Toothbrush foods are the solution to this dental dilemma, finds Lisa Antao

They say, a smile can convey a thousand words, and therefore, it's no surprise that all of us are suckers for a million dollar smile. And why not? After all, sporting bright white teeth is not only an attractive quality but also boost one's self-esteem, while on the other hand, stained yellow teeth often cause awkwardness. No wonder then teeth whitening procedures are getting popular by the day. But what if the cost of this procedure doesn't fit your budget or you're uncomfortable with the idea of undergoing a cosmetic procedure and prefer something natural that would whiten your teeth? The answer lies in 'Toothbrush foods', which is already a trend in the UK and US, and is gaining popularity on our home turf too. Read on to find out more...

What are they?
It's impossible to brush and floss teeth after every meal. But on the other hand, there are certain foods, which you can incorporate in your diet that can clean the teeth naturally. "Toothbrush foods are those fruits and vegetables, which act as natural cleanser for your teeth. For example, apple, celery, peas, are crunchy in texture and require lot of chewing, which in turn helps to clean the surface of the teeth. The tiny fibres that get caught between the teeth function as an all natural floss. Also, vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumber are also natural teeth cleaners," explains dental surgeon Dr Kinjal Shah and advises having them as a snack or chewing on them after a meal, as they help rid your teeth of plaque and food that get stuck between them.

Natural is always better
While there are lot of cost-effective teeth whitening kits available in the market, these whitening kits are not generically designed. The results coming from these kits are not instant and as effective as the chairside procedure. If directions are not followed properly, home whitening kits can have adverse effects, warns aesthetic dentist Dr Shantanu Jaradi.

Foods to eat
Cosmetic dentist Dr Karishma Jaradi says, "Toothbrush foods are not only are good for your teeth, but also good for a healthy mouth. Remember, your mouth is the window to your overall health." She shares a list of foods which act as nature's toothbrush:

Apples: Eating apples are good for the gums and teeth because they give a cleansing effect. By reducing the amount of sugar you consume by eating apples than sugary snacks, you're strengthening your teeth.

Oranges: Did you know that chewable vitamin C can cause enamel loss from teeth? Therefore, eat plenty of oranges for its vitamin C content which aids the absorption of iron and, promotes healthy teeth and gums.

Dairy products: Cheese is low in carbohydrate and rich in calcium and phosphate, which is important for healthy teeth. It helps balance your mouth's pH levels, produces saliva, preserves and rebuilds tooth enamel, and kills the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Milk and yoghurt contain lactic acid that provides protection against tooth decay. Experts believe that proteins present in yoghurt fight against harmful acids that cause cavities.

Celery: Celery produces plenty of saliva, which neutralises various cavity-causing bacteria. Also, eating celery has a massaging effect on the gums and helps clean the gaps between teeth.

Also, fresh green beans, can help scrub your mouth clean. Malic acid, an enzyme found in grapes, helps to keep your teeth white. Water works to reduce staining. Drink water with meals just sip and give a final swish after a meal.
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