Top 10 FAQs about acne answered


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Jul 5, 2011
Top 10 FAQs about acne answered

One of the most recurring and frustrating skin issues, acne also suffers from multiple misconceptions and half-truths. This makes the prevention, treatment and cure for acne quite problematic; more so because many don't consider it a problem that needs a specialist doctor's attention. If acne is a problem for you, then leave those home packs and herbal remedies aside and consult a dermatologist first. Today, we are sharing expert inputs from dermatologist Dr Meghna Gupta of Delhi Skin Centre, to answer the top 10 acne FAQs that plague teenagers and adults alike. Let's begin.

10. FAQ on Acne:Will doubling my dose of acne medication speed up the treatment and cure?
Ans: Follow your doctor's recommendations strictly, when it comes to following a dermatologist-prescribed acne treatment. Medications and their frequency are prescribed keeping all side effects in mind.

9. FAQ on Acne: Is the scarring caused by acne harmful?
Ans: Collagen induction is the best way to treat scars. Treatment options can range from microdermabrasion, peels, microneedling to fractional resurfacing lasers, depending upon the extent and severity of the scars.

8. FAQ on Acne: I have a habit of squeezing my blemishes. Is it wrong?
Ans: This condition is called acne excoriate. It is the worst thing to be done to any eruption. Marks, which are caused due to nail injury, are sometimes permanent. Therefore, it is never advisable to squeeze your acne or blemishes.

7. FAQ on Acne: How do cosmetics react to acne?
Ans: Cosmetics have to be chosen with great care. I generally tell my patients that cosmetics for acne should be avoided as much as possible. Emulsion based, non oily, non comedogenic ones are preferable, if you must go for one.

6. FAQ on Acne: What kind of acne can be treated at home and what kind of acne requires a dermatologist's help?
Ans: Moderate to severe acne requires oral medications, antibiotics, vitamin A derivatives and sometimes hormonal medications. However, if all the above treatment option don't work on your skin for about a week, then it is a must to consult your dermatologist.

5. FAQ on Acne: Does acne happen in stages?
Ans: Yes, acne as a health condition has three types of stages. Acne can be broadly classified into three different types of treatment modalities i.e. mild, moderate or severe. Based on these treatment modalities, the treatment option for acne is worked upon.

4. FAQ on Acne: I never had acne as a teenager. Does this elevate my chances of getting acne as an adult?
Ans: Adult acne is becoming very common and is one of the most common skin health conditions in adults nowadays. Sebaceous glands are under the influence of hormones, thus the production of acne in adults. Hormonal imbalances lead to acne trigger, thus it can happen to both teenagers and adults.

3. FAQ on Acne: Is stress one of the leading causes of acne? Ans: Yes, stress is among the most common causes of acne. Stress causes specific hormone secretion, which stimulates sebaceous glands and eventually leads to acne. Because of stress, the bacterium in acne multiplies in larger numbers. Too much acne can cause inflammation too and leads to full blown acne lesions. Please note that acne is indirectly related to diet. Avoid junk food to keep acne at bay. It disturbs the hormones, and hence aggravates acne. Eat healthy food with lots of fruits and vegetables.

2. FAQ on Acne: I wash my face several times a day. Why do I still get acne?
Ans: Unlike the general perception, one's face should not be washed too many times in a day. This is because it leads to stripping off of the oil from the face and this mechanically stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.

1. FAQ on Acne: What causes acne?
Ans: Acne, commonly known as pimples or zits, is a disorder of the sebaceous glands (oil glands.) Whenever there is excessive sebum production (sebum is the oil produced by the sebaceous glands), there is clogging of the glands, which happens along with dead skin cells forming a micro plug. This forms a whitehead.

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