Top 10 FAQs about dandruff


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Jul 5, 2011
Top 10 FAQs about dandruff

Come winter and the chilly weather tends to play havoc with our scalps. The scalp becomes dry, flaky, scaly, and itchy.

Perhaps, the most hated word in winter is dandruff. This white monster affects the quality of your hair, and it may even be causing you social embarrassment.

Frequent baths can eliminate dandruff?

No. Frequent head baths can only control the dandruff as a head bath does involve a bit of a head massage, which will disturb the natural habitat of dandruff and hence control it. But this doesn't mean you are allowed to take a head bath every second day to end this problem. Take a head bath once in three days and you can surely control excessive dandruff production.

Is dandruff contagious?

Yes, as dandruff is a superficial fungal infection and will spread by sharing a comb, etc. However, please note that it cannot be spread if you simply sit next to a person who suffers from dandruff. Though, you might feel uncomfortable sitting next to a person with flakes on his/her shirt, you'll never get dandruff by merely sitting next to him/her.

Is the myth about 'dandruff only being present in people with dry skin' false?

Though it is generally considered that dandruff is only for people who have dry scalps, it can happen to people with oily scalps too. Dandruff is a superficial fungus Malassezia infection which can be present in both oily and dry scalp people.

Only adults have dandruff?

False. Even teenagers have it. Though, as their sweat glands are not fully developed in adolescents the natural inhibitory factors prevent all sorts of fungal infections on the scalp. Also, please note that kids under the age of 12 are less likely to have dandruff.

Are hair products good for dandruff?

False. Hair products are, in fact, not good for dandruff or any hair disease or infection. Only anti-dandruff medicated variety shampoos can help, but other products can increase these problems. Also, please stay away from styling gels or foams as they only worsen the dandruff status. Needless to say, dying your hair in order to keep flaky scalp at bay is also useless.

Will there be less dandruff if the head is covered or wrapped?

False. There is no connection between covering the head and reduced dandruff. As a matter of fact, it may aggravate the dandruff condition by not allowing sweat to evaporate.

Is winter really prime dandruff season?

True. As people wash their hair lesser to an extent due to the cold weather, oiling is also done more in this season which will increase this infection on scalp. Also in summer season, sunlight inhibits the growth of the Pityrosporum ovale yeast which is one of the prime reasons for dandruff to grow.

Can dandruff be removed in just one session?

This is utter rubbish. Even though many shampoo and oil companies may claim so, no modern cosmetic product can eliminate dandruff in a head bath. It requires a good-faith implementation for it to leave your hair.

Does blow drying reduce dandruff?

False. Blow drying can help you up your beauty quotient for a night, but it in no way reduces dandruff. In fact, blow drying can increase the dandruff as it shifts it from one place to another on the head.

Does dandruff result from poor hygiene?

True. When hair isn't washed for a few days, it is the breeding ground for dandruff. You can try salon products and treatments, which may help erase dandruff such as Tea Tree Oil, Juniper Oil and Rosemary.
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May 28, 2011
hi Viji,
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