Top 15 most common allergies


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Jul 5, 2011
Hypersensitivity disorders of the immune system, allergies and their reactions take place when an individual's immune system responds to a substance present in the environment.

Many people around the world suffer from some type of allergy or the other. Allergies can lead to breathing problems, headaches and skin irritations. In order to reduce the symptoms, many medicines have come out in the market. Let us today have a look at the top 15 most common allergies.

Cold allergy
Cold allergy, also called 'cold-induced urticaria,' means that the sufferer gets ithcy or swollen skin, large red welts or hives, when exposed to cold water or air.

Sex allergy
Sufferers here have negative reactions to seminal fluid. Symptoms include rashes, swelling and shortness of breath.

In order to beat it, you can use a condom or therapeutic exposure.

Pollen allergy
Powdery particles produced by trees and grasses that flutter in the atmosphere, are referred to as pollen.

When pollen is taken in while breathing it causes sneezing, headaches, and irritation in the throat.

Cigarette smoke allergy
Cigarette smoke is a major source of indoor pollution. Exposure to smoke can increase the risk of asthma, constant sneezing and headache.

Shoes allergy
When the sufferer comes into contact with leather shoes or any other shoes, it causes itchy or swollen skin, rashes, blisters or burning sensations.

For relief dab on a damp cloth or apply creams or lotions.

Water allergy
Although it is very rare, water allergies do exist. Here, exposure to water at any temperature can cause severe itching and painful rashes.

Cosmetics allergy
People who are allergic to cosmetics like moisturizers and shampoos, face extreme redness on the area that the product was used on/not used on, swelling, dryness, itchiness and irritation.

Dust-mite allergy
Dust-mites are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Sufferers are actually allergic to dust-mites feces, wherein the mites excrete the partially digested food.

Symptoms include sneezing, headache and irritation in the throat.

Climate change allergy
Due to global warming, the constant alteration in the weather temperature can cause hay fever, cold, and headaches.

Sun allergy
Sufferers experience itchy skin, and tiny bumps or hives, swollen skin or plaques after 1 to 4 days after sun exposure.

In order to minimize itchy skin, apply sun screen or creams like cortaid.

Perfume allergy
Fragrances of certain perfumes do not suit some people, hence be careful while choosing your perfume, as it can cause skin rashes, skin irritation, redness etc.

Cockroach allergy
The tiny little creepy antenna insect can cause skin rashes, asthma and extreme aversion to sufferers who are allergic to cockroaches.

Chocolate allergy
People who are allergic to chocolates cannot stand chocolates or the aroma. It can cause severe headaches, rashes, and breathlessness.

Shellfish allergy
Contact with shellfishes like shrimp, lobster, or crab can cause hives, swelling of the lips, face, or throat, breathlessness and nausea.

Drugs or medicines allergy
There are a few medicines which are not suitable for a few of us.

Hence intake of such medicines, without the consultation of the physician can cause irritation in the throat, skin rashes, diarrhea etc.
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