Top 20 health benefits of fish oil


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Jul 5, 2011
Top 20 health benefits of fish oil

Fish oil will never disappoint health conscious folks. Not only is it loaded with essential fatty acids that benefit heart health, it also improves mental disorders like depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Good sources of fish oil are mackerel, sardines, swordfish, oysters, salmon, and tunas. Here are 20 important health benefits of fish oil that everyone should know.

Cardiovascular disease

Fish oil helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Fish oil not only helps in lowering triglycerides, hardening of the arteries and cholesterol, but also prevents certain heart rhythm abnormalities.

Cancer prevention

Fish oil has proved effective against three common forms of cancer - breast, colon and prostate.

Omega 3 helps in maintaining normal healthy cells from mutating into cancerous tumors and restrain unwanted cellular growth.

Normalize cholesterol

One of the main benefits of fish oil is that it helps in regulating cholesterol levels.

The presence of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DPA (docosahexaenoic acid) found in most high quality fish oil supplements helps in regulating cholesterol.

Go slim; with fish oil

Fish consumption can be used to cure hypertension and obesity.

A study in Australia has discovered that a weight-loss diet which includes a regular amount of fish can be quite effective.

Treatment of arthritis

Fish oil helps in treating arthritis. Prolonged use of the oil can be effective in reducing and preventing arthritis pain.

The relief, will not be immediate, and may take days, weeks or even months to show results.

Eye health

Omega-3 offers protection against macular degeneration ( AMD) of the eye and also reduces the risk of dry eye syndrome.

Mental disorders

Fish oil helps in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and schizophrenia.

Skin and hair health

Omega 3 helps lock moisture into skin cells, produces collagen, alleviates skin blemishes, and gives one a youthful look.

The protein content in fish oil helps in hair growth and maintaining strong, healthy hair.

High blood pressure

Omega-3 possesses anti inflammation and anti-coagulant properties, which help in lowering blood pressure.

Blood is pushed more proficiently throughout the body hence there is less pressure exerted on the heart.


Fish oil is very effective for respiratory problems like asthma. It helps in reducing asthma attacks and to breathe more easily.


Research conducted by the Nutritional Sciences Program in Lexington proved that fish oil helps in the treatment of AIDS, as it helps in reducing triglycerides levels


Fish oil can also be used in cosmetic enhancement, as high intakes of fish oil can help improve the texture and quality of nails

Health bones

Omega-3s found in fish oil helps in regulating the balance of minerals in bone and surrounding tissue.


People suffering from depression have lower levels of EPA. Hence, fish oil is beneficial for those suffering with depression.

Happy pregnancy

Fish oil is good for pregnant women as the DHA present in it helps in the development of the baby's eyes and brain.

It helps to avoid premature births, low weight at birth, and miscarriage.


Fish is effective in reducing inflammation in blood and tissues.

Fish oil is effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders, short bowel syndrome and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Brain and nervous system

Fish oil also helps in improving memory, reasoning and focus.

It improves blood flow and may even affect hormones and the immune system, eventually affecting brain function.

Protects against type 2 diabetes

A study has found that fish oil can prevent inflammation in fat cells which can lead to insulin resistance and, ultimately, type 2 diabetes.


Fish oil is effective for acne as well, because of its EPA properties, which influence the formation of sebum in hair follicle.

Improves your mood

In addition to decreasing depression, fish oil has been shown to improve mood swings.
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