Top 20 health benefits of running


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Jun 28, 2011
Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise as it not only helps you shed the extra kilos, it also helps you get fit and healthy. Whether you are a regular runner or new to the sport, Dana Smith, Health Enthusiast, shares 20 of the best health benefits running can offer.

Health Benefits of Running # 1: Aids in weight loss
If you want to shed those extra kilos, then take up running. Running is an excellent form of exercise as it burns calories, but start slow to avoid injuries.

Health Benefits of Running # 2: Strengthens your bones
Regular running helps to strengthen your bones and muscles, thus lowering the risk of bone related diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. Running also helps improve the bone density of our legs and hips.

Health Benefits of Running # 3: Boost immune health
If you are a regular at your jogging track, then you will not suffer from health problems like allergies, cold, cough, flu etc. Regular running also helps boost your immune system and combats all kinds of diseases.

Health Benefits of Running # 4: Combats stress
Running is a relaxing form of exercise, as it boosts health and helps lower your stress levels.

Health Benefits of Running # 5: Improves heart health
Running improves heart health by boosting circulation, maintaining blood pressure and reducing the risk of various heart related ailments.

Health Benefits of Running # 6: Boosts energy
Do you wake up feeling like you have no energy? If so, take up running as it boosts energy levels and helps you go about your daily routine with energy to spare.

Health Benefits of Running # 7: Improves digestion
Running helps to improve digestion and it aids appetite. You will tend to be hungry after a run, as it burns calories. So make sure you have a healthy snack.

Health Benefits of Running # 8: Burns fat
Running helps burn more fat cells and aids in building a leaner body. It also boosts your metabolism and helps you get rid of unwanted fat.

Health Benefits of Running # 9: Improves brain health
Running helps boost cirulation throughout the body. Due to this, your brain gets more oxygen and nutrients, enabling you to concentrate at work.

Health Benefits of Running # 10: Helps you sleep better
If you have trouble sleeping then try running during the day. Running helps promote good sleep, as your body gets tired and you will be able to enjoy a night of deep, undisturbed sleep.

Health Benefits of Running # 11: Lowers your risk for diabetes
Studies show that running regularly helps to lower the risk of type-2 diabetes.

Health Benefits of Running # 12: Helps with depression
Running also helps lower your depression and anxiety levels and makes you feel good about yourself.

Health Benefits of Running # 13: Slows ageing
Running helps, you look younger, not only by providing healthy bones but also by giving you healthy and glowing complexions. Running helps to lower down the risk of age related problems and gives you a strong body structure.

Health Benefits of Running # 14: Lowers triglycerides
Running helps to maintain a healthy triglyceride level in your body, and lowers the risk of various problems associated with it.

Health Benefits of Running # 15: Boosts joint health
Running helps to increase the strength of your ligaments and tendons, thereby increasing joint strength and reducing the chance of injuring the ankles and knees.

Health Benefits of Running # 16: Improves coordination
Regular running helps enhance hand-eye coordination and also helps balance the body.

Health Benefits of Running # 17: Gives you a healthy body
If you want to stay fit, then run or jog during your spare time. Regular running is the simplest way to stay fit.

Health Benefits of Running # 18: Cost-effective aerobic exercise
Regular running is also a form of aerobic exercise; this helps to lift your mood, makes you physically fit and improves your health.

Health Benefits of Running # 19: Makes you feel good
Regular running will make you feel good, as it helps to heal your body and make it healthy. It also helps to improve our biological health, physical health, psychosocial health and emotional health.

Health Benefits of Running # 20: Builds stamina
Maintaining a regular pace of running, helps to improve muscle strength and endurance, it also helps to build stamina among individuals.

Source : Times of India

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