Top 5 alternative diets


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Top 5 alternative diets

Many such alternative diets suggest a change in eating, as well as physical activity patterns, all designed to boost fitness levels. Some may promote a healthy lifestyle, others are health condition specific. Today we're bringing you 5 such alternative diets that might just be your answer to better weight management. Here they are...

The Ornish programme.
This diet was developed keeping heart diseases in mind. The ornish diet is extremely low in fat content and is a pure vegetarian diet. Observers of this diet are allowed to consume only 15% of the calories from fat. Rich in fiber content, this diet focuses on regular physical exercising.

The Rotation Diet.
The rotation diet is case specifically meant for people who are border-line allergic to a couple of food items. One is advised to eat food items, which one is not allergic to, on a 4 day rotation basis. This helps in giving your body a certain amount of recovery period, thus lessening the occurrence of allergy from more food items. Please note that this diet must be performed under medical supervision, so do consult your nutritionist or dietitian before following this diet.

The Elimination Diet.
This diet is a bit twisted. It advocates you to eat from the same food group you might be allergic to. Basically, the observer of the elimination diet is encouraged to substitute the allergic food item with another food from the same food group. For instance, if you are allergic to rice, which belongs to carbohydrates food group, you'll be asked to replace it with corn which belongs to the same food group. This diet requires medical supervision, so do consult your nutritionist or dietitian before following this diet.

The Macrobiotic Diet.
The macrobiotic diet encourages health and wellness and aims at curing diseases. Though there is no solid evidence to prove that this diet helps one in getting rid of diseases, but the good thing about this diet is that it promotes a general healthy lifestyle. The main food items of this diet include whole grains, vegetable soups, fruits, vegetables and brown rice. This diet stands against food items that are high in fat content. It also encourages its observer to stay away from animal and dairy products.

The Pritikin Diet.
This diet is based on improving your heart health condition by keeping heart diseases at bay. People who observe this diet are encouraged to eat large amounts of chicken and fish on a daily basis. This diet also advocates consuming whole grain foods, fruits and healthy in-season produce vegetables which are high in fiber content. Special measure is taken to make sure that one doesn't eat food items which are high in cholesterol and fat content. Exercising is a must for people who follow the pritikin diet.

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