Top 5 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles!


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Jul 5, 2011
Top 5 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles!

Everything has to be special for the bride. From tip to toe she should look like a dream and to make this dream come true you have to try the best Indian bridal hairstyles. Your wedding dress, makeup and hairstyle have to compliment each other.

With the coming in of cosmopolitan culture, many times we are not able to distinguish between things that are decidedly western and those that can be applicable to our context. Hairstyles for the bride in the west are the product of a different kind of bridal look that would never suit an Indian bride.

So, an Indian bridal hairstyle has to be chosen but that too has to be done with caution to go with your overall look. Here are some beauty tips for the bride.

5 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles:
1. The Versatile Bun: Do you know the biggest problem with choosing a hairstyle for a bride in India? The fact that it will not be visible! Most cultures in the North of India deem it necessary to wear a chunni or a huge scarf covering the brides hair (at least the back portion). In that case the bun serves as the most versatile Indian hairstyle for the bride. Just make sure you don't pull your back too tightly and make your face appear flat.

2. The Layered Bun: If you have decided that you want at least a minor measure of variety in your wedding hairstyle and still keep with tradition then you can go for this Indian hairstyle. It is a bun that is slightly more complicated than a normal pulling back of hair. It can be either zigzagged with loose tufts of hair or be a braided bun (the hair is first plaited into tiny sections and then made into a bun). Make sure you wear a transparent chunni on this one.

3. The Jeweled Plait: If you have really long hair then you can flaunt it with a long plait. Indian tradition does not allow the bride to leave her hair open so you have to tie it. Decorate your plait with jewelery like hair combs and jhumkas.

4. The Flowered Plait: This is typical hairstyle of a bride from South India. The advantage in the south of India is that the hair of the bride is not covered so there can be a wider range of experiments. This south Indian bridal hairstyle involves covering the plait completely with flowers (white and red) leaving no empty space. It comes down like deep V-shape. Most women who do not have such long hair use artificial extensions.

5. The Braided Look: Since most Indian brides cannot have hairstyles that display the back of their hair, it is best to experiment with the front portion that is visible. Braiding the skull portion of your hair and decorating it with tiny trinkets can look very beautiful.

Try some of these amazing Indian bridal hairstyles for your wedding and look ravishing.


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Oct 13, 2011
Sri Lanka
If u add the pics it will be very easy to understand. Thanks for sharing

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