Top 5 fatttening summer foods


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Jul 5, 2011
Top 5 fatttening summer foods

Ever wondered why you come out of the summer heavier and more sluggish? While summers are full of delicious foods that we tend to associate with sizzling days, not all of these summer foods are good for us. Here is our list of the top 5 most fattening summer foods, which are likely to tip the weighing scale the wrong way.

Sweet Alcoholic Drinks. Sweet alcohol drink's calories might take a toll on you. A glass of pina colada has 245-490 calories, and a daiquiri can contain about 300-800 calories. A Long Island iced tea can set you back 520 calories or more.

Try and limit the portion size as much as you can. Alcohol poses disadvantages when you start drinking it, especially the sweet variety, in excess quantity. Alcohol starts acting as a depressant, which slows down the central nervous system and can cause drowsiness and impairs motor skills.

Chronic heavy drinking may cause alcoholic hepatitis (inflammation and destruction of liver cells) and then cirrhosis (irreversible lesions, scarring, and destruction of liver cells). It also weakens the heart muscles and their ability to pump blood (Cardiomyopathy). It also causes steady weight gain resulting in obesity.
Sweet or Salty Snacks. Where there's a cool summer drink, a snack is never too far away. Right from evening snack pakoras to masala vadas to aloo tikkis, summers may play havoc on your diet regimen. Stay away from these snacks as much as possible.

1 pc of a standard pakora has about 76 calories; 1 pc of masala vada has 100 calories and 1 pc of aloo tikki has 275 calories. Now imagine the amount of calories you will consume soon after diving into them.

Instead, try and go for whole wheat crack jacks, baked potatoe wedges with a cucumber dip, fat-free popcorn variety, and frozen homemade fruit bars, fudge bars and sherbets this summer season.

Ice Cream. Do you know a cup of soft serve ice cream has around 380 calories? And if you know your portions well, you'll know that a cup is quite a small measure. Now multiply this number by the actual portion you consume.

Go for fat-free versions of ice creams as far as possible or just go for smart homemade, healthy ice creams this summer season.
Thirst Quenchers. Carbonated beverages like colas are zero in nutrition, high in sugar and additives, and best avoided. They not only irritate the stomach lining but can also leach out calcium from the bones. They can also help you pile on the pounds without contributing any health benefits.

Stay away from consuming high concoctions of smoothies, milkshakes and cold coffees. Stick to diet drinks, However, even diet-friendly drinks are best consumed within smart portion limits. Go for a sprig of mint, 100% fresh juices and wedges of citrus and mix them with unsweetened tea, sparkling water and your personalised healthy thirst quencher is ready!

Barbequed meats. If you're lucky enough to live in a place that is pleasant enough for barbecues in the summer months, then you know that balmy days bring out the barbecuers in all of us. But how does this work for your weight control?

Fat content varies in the meat based on the type of animal, how well the fat is trimmed, the cut of meat, etc. Control your consumption of steaks, ribs, pork, burgers and hot dogs as they can easily add to your weight gain; especially if your workout routine doesn't permit you large, regular portions of red meat.
May 15, 2012
There is no issue that useless eating can cause to placing fat on your system, but there are some meals that are more likely to put those body weight on you than others. These meals are either fantastic in supplement consumption, complete fat, carbohydrates, glucose or salt. Below are 5 of the most hazardous meals.

Mashed Oatmeal - When designed with lotion and butter, one half-cup offering is about 200 supplement consumption.

Candy - This is fantastic in glucose and bad personal extra fat. Prepared Snacks.These are fantastic in glucose and carbohydrates, as well as being very fantastic in supplement consumption.

Ice Therapy - Ice lotion is fantastic in fat, and glucose and is fantastic supplement.

Potato Snacks - Snacks are one of the most hazardous meals you can eat. They are fantastic in salt, fat, and glucose. Not only are they fantastic in supplement consumption but also they contain many additives and synthetic taste. Preservative ingredients are very bad for you.

Processed Various meat - Prepared pet various meat contain pet various meat such as hot-dogs, sausages and manufactured food pet various meat. These have a high-content of very bad personal extra fat, as well as salt.

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