Top 5 Health Problems Women Face Today


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Top 5 Health Problems Women Face Today

When it comes to themselves, women are experts at ignoring most of the issues and that is probably the reason why the health problems faced by women are becoming more serious by the day. On Women's Day 2012, we want you to take care of yourself and to wake you from your slumber here is a reality check.

The 5 most dangerous health problems haunting women are totally curable or at least easily preventable only if women are proactive in detecting them early. So on Women's Day 2012, your motto should be give yourself those extra 5 minutes per day to stay healthy.

Top 5 Health Problems Of Women Today:

1. Osteoporosis: As soon as a woman reaches 40, the aches and pains become her companion for life. The treatment of osteoporosis becomes difficult because it is rarely diagnosed before women start turning up brittle broken bones. The causes are many and deficit of calcium life long is the main one. Treatment of osteoporosis is possible although it is not totally curable only if women co operate. If you do not want to be a 50 something woman on a wheelchair with a good 30 years of life ahead of you then take your bones seriously.

2. Heart Attacks: It is a common chauvinistic saying that women never die of heart attacks because they have no hearts. Looks like women have got back in a sinister way at their tormentors. The statistics for the last 10 years say that heart attacks for women is definitely on the rise and the numbers of women who survive a stroke are surprising few. That makes heart the core of women's health problems today.

3. Depression: Depression in women is rampant and it's results are really sinister. It has recently been discovered that the hormonal imbalance that happens in women after they reach menopause could be the biggest cause of depression that leads to psychotic outbursts and suicides. But more urgently, the average women in households are ignored and that too affects in a big way. Re invent yourself after 40 because there is no age too late to begin.

4. Breast & Cervical Cancer: Breast cancer is the number one killer disease among women these days and cervical cancer is slowly catching. All the ladies be it in their 20s or 40s should know that 5 minutes of regular self breast examination can help you detect breast cancer in the nascent stage and put breaks on the breast cancer mortality rates rising every year.

5. PCOS: If you are a young woman suffering from irregular periods then you are under threat of Poly Cystic Ovaries. Unhealthy lifestyles has made this disorder into an epidemic. Statistics say that almost 1 in every three women have PCOS now and all you have to do to avoid it is eat healthy and manage your weight!

Good health is the biggest gift you can give yourself on Women's Day 2012.

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