Top 5 reasons why you overeat outside


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Top 5 reasons why you overeat outside

Overeating is probably the number one reason behind obesity, and sadly scores of people are obese because of it.

Blame it on your lifestyle choices or lack of exercise routine, if you are somebody who overeats when you are not even hungry, then there's no escaping weight gain. And when it comes to overeating outside, it is not just the scrumptious food and friendly company alone, but also a host of other factors, which work their way unknowingly, contributing to overeating. Want to know more? Go through the slides and find out the top 5 reasons why you overeat outside.

Overeating outside because of good ambience, music, dim lights and bright colours. According to a study published in the Department of Psychology, Georgia State University, Atlanta, people who eat when the music is fast and loud tend to eat much more and chew their food hurriedly. The same cause persists when you eat at home while watching TV.

Self awareness is the key here, which will help you combat the overeating by keeping a tab on the amount of calories you consume. On the other hand, colour therapists believe that warm colours (like red, orange and yellow), mostly used in fast food joints, tend to encourage people to eat more. Apart from this, dim lights in restaurants make us eat more as one can't judge the quantity of food easily. The best way out is to avoid going to such places and to be clear about your daily calorie intake limits.

Overeating outside because you are bored.
Many of you might have noticed that the sheer boredom of not doing anything is the biggest factor as to why you make plans to eat outside. If this is you, then it is really tough to practically work on solutions and find a remedy against boredom. You would have to first make a change in your way of thinking and strike out the act of eating as a problem solver.

Try and go for a nice, long bath or just indulge in music or reading. If hunger is still the top priority for you, then go for healthier homemade options and fight your boredom.

Overeating outside because you are stressed.
It is scientifically proven that when a person is stressed, he or she pumps out high doses of hormones, like cortisol, in the body that increase appetite. Thus, the act of overeating. Even the insulin shift in the body, when one is stressed, tends to add to the act of gaining weight.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, overweight women tend to eat more outside if they are faced with common daily life stressors like job demands, and family issues. The healthy way of fighting stress would be to try stress-reduction techniques like exercise, yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and so on.

You overeat outside because you use food as a celebration or a reward.
It'll be hard to name one Indian celebration feast without having a long list of food items, ranging from gulab jamuns to butter chicken. The reason for celebrations can be many, your friend had a baby, you go out to eat; your sister got through an institute, you go out to eat and so on. It is generally observed that the high-sugary and high-fatty foods are considered to be comfort foods.

The key lies in not viewing foods like french fries, burgers and chocolates as a mode of celebration or reward. Stop associating calorie-friendly comfort foods with positive events and keep a tab on overeating.

You tend to overeat outside because you are unaware of the calorie intake.
Lack of knowledge of the new kind of food present in the menu is also among the top reasons behind habitual overeating outside. For instance, a small 100 ml glass of fruit punch contains 170 calories, for which you would have to walk for 40 minutes to burn. The key lies in eating mindfully by keeping a tab on the calories and tricking your brain into believing it is full.

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