Top 5 secrets killing your workout


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Top 5 secrets killing your workout

The key lies in understanding the basic traits of a well-designed program and getting on board with a good fitness trainer. There are many things you could be doing in the gym - some of which are secretly killing your workout's effects and results. Browse through this slideshow to know more, and find out what these top 5 secrets are...

You don't believe in mixing up your workouts. By staying at 75% of your heart rate on the treadmill and not including weights and other endurance exercises into your fitness routine or habits, you will only encourage your body to burn glycogen and not fat. You will also not build muscle. And since increased muscle composition is the first step toward healthy, long-term weight management, you will continue to put lost weight back on in a never-ending yo-yo weight gain/loss cycle. So step away from that cardio machine and get smarter about your weight and health.

You exercise daily but with the same weights. Many women have this notion that using heavy weight equals bulking up, thus they prefer sticking to 8 to 10 pounds of weight. Please note that women CAN lift heavy weights. No one wants to look like bodybuilders in every day, regular life. But the good news is that women just do not produce enough natural testosterone to get that big. In order for a woman to get big and bulky she will have to really tank up on those steroids. Aim at increasing a few pounds every week as your muscles build resistance over time.

You overindulge afterwards. Note that there is nothing wrong in indulging in a good post-workout meal. Ideally a post-workout meal should consist of proteins and carbs, all within an hour of working out. What you really wouldn't want to do is, ruin your one good sweat session by indulging in something carelessly. Understand the calorie count and what your body really needs, before indulging in a food item post-workout.

You don't keep track of your running session and most of the time you end up brisk walking, instead of running rigorously. Speed up by walking as fast as you can. You can also go for race walking to put extra muscles to use. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, brisk walking at four miles an hour burns approximately 334 calories and walking at a pace of three miles per hour burns approximately 221 calories.

In the process, pump up your arms because the larger the arm swing, the more challenging it gets to move faster. Walking up the hill or lifting the incline on a treadmill helps in increasing your intensity. Keep changing the surface. Changing your walking surface at regular intervals helps intensify your brisk walking workout. Walk on trails, manoeuvre around rocks as this segments the muscular demand, attack steps, muddy paths, the sky's the limit.

Add resistance to your workout. You can add resistance to your workout by adding a heavy backpack or weight vest. However, experts warn against ankle and hand weights, as they can cause injuries. Confused between jogging and walking? Clear your doubts today.

You sacrifice good form. It is important to focus on your body form and posture while you are working out. Fitness experts often suggest that if you tend to slouch and workout, you not only burn fewer calories, but you also recruit fewer muscles. Maintaining a stable posture helps you take in more oxygen; this makes the workout feel easier, while blasting more calories

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