Top 7 makeup tips for pregnant women


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Top 7 makeup tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a time when women need utmost care in terms of health routine and diet regime. Hormonal and physical changes affect the mother's body in more ways than one.

One of the most sensitive areas to care of during the nine-month period is the skin because it is the skin that gets exposed to the alterations on a woman's body. Many mothers-to-be complain about dark patches on face or condition of blotchiness and acne; while others become vulnerable to strong fragrances. It becomes necessary for women to check the beauty products for harmful chemicals and other toxic elements that might get absorbed into the bloodstream of the mother and consequently have a negative effect on the unborn child. Lotions, moisturisers and creams should be applied after carefully going through the expiry date, ingredients and scent.

We list beauty ideas for pregnant women that will help them retain the glow on their face and look their best. Pradeep Verma, CEO, Kryolan City Delhi, suggests makeup tips that can be adopted by women during pregnancy:

-Adjust any skin care regimen to pregnancy-related changes, either by adding more moisture to combat dryness or switching to oil-free formula if skin has an oily texture.

-Use sunscreen. Pregnancy hormones often leave the skin sensitive and more vulnerable to the sun and other allergies. Adequate use of sunscreen will help minimise chances of hyper pigmentation condition.

-To conceal hyper pigmentation, you can use a corrective concealer that blends with the skin colour easily. A light foundation application should be set with fixing powder.

-If you feel the natural glow has begun to fade away, fret not, just fake it with pretty shades of blush or use a light touch of bronzer over the face. This will lend a perfect sun-kissed look.

-For a refreshed look and feel, pat face balm over makeup or on bare face. You can also use mineral water spray to retain the shine on your face.

-Learn the quick on-the-go makeup routine by preparing a customised palette with your choice of colours so that you don't need to mix and blend colours every time you use a blush-on.

-Keep your skin hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals. Use moisturisers and creams that are fragrant-free so that the risk of chemicals going into the body is averted. Some of the chemicals that can put the baby's health at risk are:

Salicylic acid: Though it helps cleanse pores and prevent acne and skin blemishes; high doses of the same, however, can lead to serious birth defects.

Anti-ageing agents: Avoid going for beauty products high on retinoid content.

Go organic: Devoid of chemicals and harmful pesticides, herbal beauty products are the best and safest pick for pregnant women.

Have a smile ready on your lips; feel good and happy about the little one coming into your life, abide by your doctor's advice on health and diet,and makeup rules will follow suit.

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