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Jul 9, 2015
Be it a headache, cold, toothache or cough, we have grown up with traditional home remedies. The home gardens were grown specifically with medicinal plants that could take care of the seasonal ailments. These remedies are natural, low cost with no side effects. Most of them are being used as a matter of habit or tradition as they have been effective in curing the ailment. Call it Gharelu Nuskhe, Paati Vaithiyam, most of the remedies are time tested and have been passed down the generations Here are those home remedies

1. Cold in Infants: Mixing camphor with hot coconut oil and applying it on the chest and near nose helps for cold and coughs in infants.

2. Give bath for the babies in the hot water with tulasi and neem leaves (boil the water with the leaves) and put sambrani. I saw that the large amount of cold came from her nose when we given her the bath.

3. Knee pain: Heat little castor oil + camphor and apply on the knees for alleviating knee pain.

4. Gall Bladder stones: Drink banana stem juice(vaazhathandu) every morning before eating food and eat pomegranate also helps in reduction of gall bladder stones.

5. Constipation: Grind 100gms Sanpatti, 100gms Dry Rose Petals, 50 gms Saunf, 50 gms Mishri together. Every night before going to bed take 1tbsp of this powder with water. This is an effective remedy for constipation.

6. Pimples: Take a few mint leaves, crush them and apply the paste on the pimples. You will see difference in few days. Also you can apply sandalwood paste as it is summer time and this will also keep the skin cool.

7. Blemishes: Try scrubbing with mixture of besan, curd , little honey and ghee for for 5 min and wash face with cold water. You can also use neem leaves and tulsi leaves crushed and apply juice over the pimples it also removes scars.

8. Sinusitis: For sinusitis, mix honey and lemon juice (either fresh or store bought will work) and heated it in the microwave. Just slurp it slowly with a spoon. It doesn't get rid of a cough, but if you are having problems getting mucus out, it usually does wonders of breaking it up.

9. Diarrhea: For diarrhea in children, make a solution by adding 1/2 cup of orange juice, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1/6 teaspoon salt, 11/3 cups of water. Give a child 1/2 oz. of this mixture every 2 hours. Potato soup is also very good remedy for diarrhea; eat several bowls during the day.

10. Dark circles: Prepare a mixture by adding equal quantity of potato and cucumber juices. Dip a cotton swab in this mixture and put the cotton on eyelids and keep for 20 minutes. Wash your eyes with cold water. Another home remedy for dark circles under the eyes is - massage with almond oil under and around eyes at bedtime daily for 2 weeks. Almond helps to remove dark circles.

11. Prickly heat : camphor gives an immediate relief from the itching and burning sensation caused from sunburns and prickly heat. alittle of powdered camphor mixed with neem oil, when applyed to the face and body gives a very fresh and cool feeling.

12. Sprain: Take some chopped onion; wrap it in a towel and place on the affected area. You can also apply cold cloths or ice to the injured joint. Continue these cold applications until the swelling decreases.

13. Dandruff : soak methi seeds overnight...grind it next morning and apply it to your hair and wash after 30min without using any shampoo. use some conditioner after your hair wash. This should help you.

14. Irregular Periods : Daily morning drink a glass of beetroot juice. [a piece of beetroot with a glass of water, put in mixer run for a minute then filter it add a pinch of salt if needed.] You can also mix sesame seeds with butter and have it in empty stomach in morning for 90 days will be very effective.

15. Dry Skin: Apply coconut oil on face for 5 min and then wash your face.. add neem powder to the green gram flour... daily apply turmeric+neem+ few drops coconut oil face pack..

16. Mouth ulcer : Orange juice is helpful in preventing the canker sores of the mouth. Drink it up in 2 or 3 days it will go away. Lack of vitamin C causes them. You can also take Vitamin C pills if you don't want to drink all that orange juice.

17. Wrinkles: Egg Whites This is a popular cure for aging skin. Apply egg whites mixed with coconut oil to the face and let it dry before rinsing off. This helps maintain the elasticity of your skin and eliminate signs of aging. The coconut oil works as a moisturizer and prevents skin dehydration as well.

18. Diabetes: Fenugreek seeds 20 are very useful in diabetes. Soak about 90-100 seeds in 250 grams of water and leave it overnight. Mash tem in the morning and sieve in a cloth and drink mixture regularly. Use for at least 2 months to cure diabetes. Good Home Remedy for Diabetes.

19. Tooth Ache: Place a piece of Garlic or onion with rock salt helps to cure the pain. A mixture of pepper powder and salt also reduce toothache.

20. Body Odor: To combat the unpleasant armpit odor apply cider vinegar. It serves as the best body odor home remedy treatment. OR In the bathing water, add a few cups of tomato juice and soak yourself in water for about 15 minutes.

21. Chapped Lips : Cut fine slices of cucumber and rub on lips or apply neem leaves extract on your lips.

22. Ear Ache: Boil 3-4 cloves of Garlic in some water. Mash them and add a pinch of salt. Wrap this poultice in a flannel or woolen cloth and place on the aching ear.

23. Cholesterol: n 1 glass of water, add 2 tbsps of coriander seeds and bring to a boil. Let the decoction cool for some time and then strain. Drink this mixture two times in a day.

24. Motion Sickness : Ginger has long been known as an herbal remedy for queasiness, but modern science has proved this spice has merit, especially for motion sickness. One study discovered that ginger was actually better than over-the-counter motion sickness drugs. Make a ginger tea to take along with you when you're traveling by cutting 10 to 12 slices of fresh ginger and placing them in a pot with 1 quart water. Boil for ten minutes. Strain out the ginger, and add 1/2 cup honey or maple syrup for sweetening if you like.

25.For Smooth and Soft Skin: Soak some poppy seeds in milk and leave it overnight. Grind it well and apply it on your face the next day. You can feel the smoothness from first usage. (Great for dry skinned ppl)

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