Top stress related diseases


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Jul 5, 2011
Top stress related diseases

Noon can deny living in a stressful world. One would imagine that people are more stressed now than ever before.

Not even children are spared with increased homework, extracurricular activities and social pressure. Everyone is angry; whether in a queue, fuming over kids or spouse for being untidy or simply because the roads are dusty. All this has a negative impact, affecting a person mentally and physically. The result? Stress related diseases. We take a look at some of these top stress related diseases.

Stress can either cause depression or worsen it in those already suffering from the illness.

Poor sleep brought on by stress can also cause depression in some people.

Immune system
Stress prevents the immune system from functioning properly. This decreased functioning may lead to stress-induced diseases.

Prolonged stress may cause short-term or long-term harm to the immune system and result in sickness.

Headaches and migraines
When we are stressed our body also tenses up, and in order to deal with it, there is an increased level of the cortisol hormone to control our fight or flight instinct.

Gastrointestinal issues
The stomach and gastrointestinal tract may suffer from too much stress hormone being present in the body on a continual basis.

Stomach acids may be released in high quantities and cause damage to the lining of the stomach, and digestive system, resulting in ulcers.

Overeating may also be linked to chronic stress.

Lack of good sleep can make us ill. Poor sleeping habits are a very common sign of stress.

When we are anxious we find it difficult to sleep.

Diabetes is adversely affected by stress levels in the body.

The diabetic patient already has difficulty recovering from physical ailments, and that alone may be a source of stress.

A very common form of stress induced illnesses, are body aches including backaches.

This is due to constantly stressed muscles, which can lead to poor posture and resultant aches and pains.

Heart disease
Chronic stress may affect the heart by keeping the heart rate elevated at high levels over a long period of time.

Blood pressure tends to increase during stressful episodes and may result in heart disease after a prolonged period of time.

High blood pressure
Continuously high blood pressure, because of stress, increases the risk of stroke and coronary disease.

Colds and other infectious illnesses
If you are catching cold quite often, then it may be due to stress, as stress reduces the immunity power of the body.

Fertility problems
Severe stress can also affect your fertility, by delaying your menstrual cycle.
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Mar 2, 2013
Well, Stress is really dangerous and it becomes the main reason to get another disease. Insomnia is really one of most dangerous disease which belongs to stress. Headaches and muscle pain are the most basic symptoms of stress. This one is really one of awakening feature for me.
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