Traditional dressing tips for the party season


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Traditional dressing tips for the party season

It could be monotonous to every time pull on the pants and struggle into a short top.

Western dressing in all its variety can sometimes be a tad tiresome to the eye, and hence the desperation to break free from it in favour of something more traditional. Traditional Indian attires need not be worn in a quintessential manner for there are several interesting ways to deck up in true Indian style, and look ever gorgeous.

Be the talk of the party with these handy tips on traditional dressing from fashion designer Puja Mittal.

1. Go for plain sarees in colours like blues, reds, blacks, with borders in metallic hues such as silver, bronze or burnished gold. You could even team it up with a stylish blouse in halters, low backs, preferably in metallic hues.

2. Opt for black velvet straight cut churidar kurtas with low back or an elegant Chinese neck - both can be carried with as grace and ease as a slit backless gown or a fur lines short jacket.

3. For the ones in a rush, slip on a beautiful silk kaftan or a revel knee-length kaftan; they are one of the best ways to be in that short dress look, without any unnecessary fuss on waistlines.

4. Go minimalistic on neckwear if sporting long chandelier earrings. If you just love your colourful beady neck strings or that funky neckwear, try teaming it with stunning simplistic or flower power studs.

5. Choose comfortable, smart footwear to party all night, small or no heels can help you party the night away while giving minimal stress to your back and feet.

6. To protect yourself from the winter chill, get an elegant stole in single colour with a little glitter on the end corners. Throw it casually over a saree and see the change in your appearance.

7. Go for light make-up and play with your hair. Don some hair accessories to create magic.

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