Transit of Jupiter June 2014 to July 2015... Step in to know what the stars foretell..


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Sep 14, 2013
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Transit of Jupiter 19[SUP]th[/SUP] June 2014 to 14[SUP]th[/SUP]July 2015

Moon Sign in Aries – Stars: Aswini 1-4 Padam; Barani 1-4 Padam and Kirthika 1st Padam:

You will have cordial relationship with relatives at home and Superiors at work, however, subordinates will try to mar your image. There are chances of work opportunities abroad. Reasonably good flow of money will help you to be financially sound and fulfill some of your dreams. Ailment of an elderly relative may be a cause of concern.
Transition - Favorable

Moon Sign in Taurus – Stars: Kirthika 2-4 Padam, Rohini 1-4 Padam and Mrigasira(Mrigashirsh) 1,2 Padam:

Cupid will strike the unattached Taurans. Your years of hardwork will reap great benefits. Avoid misunderstandings with seniors at work. Health may be a cause of concern so please go for regular health check-ups. Gambling and share market activities should be avoided.
Transition – Moderately Favorable

Moon Sign in Gemini - Stars: Mrigashira (Mrigashirsh)3-4Padam, Thiruvadarai (Ardra)1-4 Padamand Punarpoosa (Punarvasu) 1-3 Padam:

Looking to buy an office or house, this is the right time. There are major possibilities of inheriting a good amount of wealth. Court matters will settle in your favour. Major Misunderstandings with your siblings is foreseen.
Transition – Favorable

Moon Sign in Cancer – Stars: Poonarpoosa (Punarvasu) 4th Padam, Poosam (Pushya) 1-4 Padam,Aailyam (Ashlesha)1-4 Padam:

Good time for both business and working class people. You will buy a new property during this period. Quarrels and fights with your life partner are foreseen. Minor health related problems is on cards, so do not ignore the symptoms.
Transition – Very Favorable

Moon Sign in Leo– Stars: Makam (Magha) 1-4 Padam, Pooram (Purva Phalguni) 1-4 Padam, Uttiram(Uttar Phalguni) 1st Padam:

You may travel abroad for better prospects, you will have good support of your family and relatives during this period. Gambling and share market activities should be avoided. You will buy a new asset very shortly.
Transition – Not Favorable

Moon Sign in Virgo – Stars: Uttiram (Uttar Phalguni) 2-4 Padam, Hastam (Hastha) 1-4 Padam,Chittarai (Chitra) 1-2 Padam:

Promotion and increment is on cards, change of place for the benefit of you is also foreseen. You will perform spiritual ceremonies and may go on a pilgrimage too.
Transition is favorable

Moon Sign in Libra – Stars: Chittarai (Chitra) 3-4 Padam, Swathi (Swathi) 1-4 Padam andVisakam (Vishaka) 1-3 Padam:

You will have a smooth and happening relationship both at home and work front. Your professional life will reach new heights, you will have good health. Do not splurge your money unwantedly this could lead to unwanted worries and debts.
Transition is moderately favorable

Moon Sign in Scorpio – Stars: Visakakam (Vishaka) 4th Padam, Anusham (Anuradha) 1-4 Padam, Ketai (Jyeshta) 1-4 Padam:

You may take certain bold decisions during this period, most of the matters which you have pushed under the carpet may have to dealt with thistime. One of your parents health may be a cause of concern.
Transition is moderately favorable

Moon Sign in Sagittarius – Stars: Moolam (Mool) 1-4 Padam, Pooradam (Purva Ashada) 1-4Padam, Uttiradam (Uttarashada) 1st Padam:

Challenging times ahead with Sade Saathi waiting to plunge in from November 2014. Face your problems head on, do not procrastinate and get clouded with thoughts.
Transition is not favorable

Moon Sign in Capricorn – Stars: Uttiradam (Uttarashada) 2-4 Padam, Thiruvonam (Shravan)1-4Padam, Avitam (Dhanishta) 1-2 Padam:

Sudden rise in your career will boost your morale. If single, you will marry this year and if married, you will be blessed with a child during this period. Avoid arguments with superiors at work, this may lead to disappointments and mental anxiety.
Transition is Favorable

Moon Sign in Aquarius - Stars: Avittam (Dhanishta) 2nd Padam, Chadayam (Shathataraka) 1-4Padams, Pooratahi (Purva Bhadrapada)1-3Padam:

Looking for a change in job, you will get a job of your choice during this period. Avoid arguments both at home and work front, this can leadto major disruption in your personal and professional life.
Transition is not so favorable

Moon Sign in Pisces – Stars: Pooratathi (Purva Bhadrapada) 4th Padam, Uttiratathi (UttarBhadrapada) 1-4 Padam, Revathi 1-4 Padam:

You have suffered a lot in the past 2 to 3 years and finally you will start a great phase ahead. Allyour sufferings will end, with better opportunities and success waiting at yourdoor. You will be recognized for your good work. Health issues may crop up, so please take good care of your health.
Transition is very favorable

I have been practising Vedic Astrology, reading horoscopes and suggesting remedies for the past 10 years. This is my gift to all my friends of Penmai.
All the above predictions are based on your Moon Sign and not on your Sun Sign.

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