Travelling by air during pregnancy

Nov 24, 2011

Most women who have a normal pregnancy can travel by air. The key things to watch out for is motion sickness that can get coupled with nausea and vomiting during the first trimester and make the symptoms worse. Hence travelling by air may not be advisable.

In the second or third trimester one needs to have a strong back to avoid back ache which can get aggravated due to long hours of sitting in the waiting lounge of the airport and the aircraft.

Hence air travel can get uncomfortable during pregnancy. If there is an alternative mode of travel and back ache, nausea, motion sickness and swelling of the legs is an issue then one should reconsider air travel.

It’s always best to clear flight travel with your obstetrician. One must be aware of the air lines rules and regulations regarding travelling during the pregnancy and if a fitness certificate or any other document needs to be carried by the expecting mother.

While checking in it is advisable to always ask for the aisle seat and seating near the toilet. A pillow or a personal cushion should be carried or requested for extra support for the back.

During air travel the expecting women should wear comfortable footwear. One must make sure to lift ones legs high up and supported to prevent swelling off the legs and keep doing ankle rolls regularly to increase blood flow to the legs.

Simple back stretches can be performed before and after takeoff and landing to prevent back ache and avoid prolonged sitting or standing.

Air travels and the aircraft can dehydrate any normal individual so plenty of hydration is required.

Many times the flight food served is not fresh and served hot by being micro waved one can plan a fresh meal at home or in the airport cafeteria before takeoff.

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