travelling during pregnancy


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Apr 22, 2010
Though traveling during pregnancy is not a problem but you have to take lots of precautions. Normally the second trimester (weeks 14 to 27) is the best time to travel coz by that time morning sickness would be behind you and the chance of miscarriage is lower at this stage.

If possible, avoid traveling far places in early pregnancy until routine blood tests, scans and other screening tests are completed. Take your doctor's advice before traveling anywhere.

Tips that will help you while traveling during pregnancy

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes when traveling.
  • Eat small light meals when traveling; bring some snacks along with you.
  • Follow all the usual precautions which you would take at home.
  • When you're traveling by car include regular breaks to give yourself a chance to stretch your legs. Take car breaks every two hours and talk a small walk.
  • Make sure your seat belt fits properly; the top strap should go between your breasts and the lower strap under your hips.
  • Use a cushion as a support for your back while driving.

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