Treat Mosquito Bites In Toddler: Natural Ways


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Treat Mosquito Bites In Toddler: Natural Ways

Mosquito bites are a common skin problem of toddlers. Your child might not even notice an insect bite until the itching becomes severe. Mosquito bite leads to inflammation in the skin which becomes red, swollen and itchy mark. Mosquito net is one way to prevent the toddler from getting bites but you can't carry it all time when the child is outdoors. So, here are few remedies to treat mosquito bites in toddlers.

Remedies to treat mosquito bites in toddlers:

1. Apply calamine lotion or cream as it is an anti-itch solution which prevents the toddler from getting swelling or itching after the insect bite.

2. If the toddler starts itching few hours after applying calamine lotion or cream, re-apply to prevent the child from scratching and making a spot.

3. You can also apply little wet mud to cure mosquito bite on your toddler's skin. For best results, immediately apply mud and rub on the bite after you notice it or see the toddler scratching his skin for a long time.

4. After a mosquito bites, itching can be very irritating. Apply a cold compress on the bite to get rid of itching and treat mosquito bite naturally. Rub an ice cube on the mosquito bite for sometime.

5. Wash the skin with soap and let it dry. Don't use a towel as you might encourage scratching. So, let the water air dry.

6. Mix baking soda in cold water and wash the insect bite. This is a most common remedy to treat mosquito bite in toddlers. Remember, don't use more than ' or more less baking soda in ' bucket of water.

7. If the toddler gets fever or cold -23 days after the mosquito bite, consult a doctor. Sometimes, mosquitoes can be dangerous.

To prevent mosquito bites, avoid going out immediately after dawn and dusk. Cover the hands and legs of the toddler with full clothes. Dress your child with full sleeves shirts and full pants. Apply repellent cream on the hands and legs to prevent the toddler from getting mosquito bites. Keep the backyard clean and free from unwanted items. Cover the windows and doors with screens or mosquito nets.

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