Treating Constipation Naturally


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
[h=1]Treating Constipation Naturally[/h]

  1. Warm Water and Lemon
    • One of the oldest natural treatments for constipation is to drink a glass of warm water in which you have squeezed the juice of an entire lemon. This treatment needs to be taken first thing in the morning. The combination of water and lemon juice has the effect of stimulating the bowels into working properly.

  • Exercise may be the most effective treatment, natural or otherwise, for constipation. The science behind this concept is simple--the bowels need exercise to work efficiently or they will experience entropy, just like any other part of the body. When you are engaging in physical activity, you are also exercising your bowel; the longer your periods of sedentary behavior, the more slowly your bowels will move.

  • That advice to eat lots of fruit was not just a part of a fruit industry conspiracy. Eating fruits like apples, peaches, oranges and prunes (of course) will fill you with fiber and create a natural laxative effect.

  • Try self-massage therapy to alleviate constipation. Rubbing your stomach clockwise for a few minutes a day has the effect of relaxing stomach muscles and tissue. To increase the effectiveness of massage, rub some essential oils like peppermint, orange or ginger onto your stomach and then massage. Warm oil on the abdomen has the effect of promoting blood flow.

  • Beans are an excellent source of fiber that promotes regularity. Dried beans are especially effective: red beans, pinto beans, navy beans and garbanzo beans. Although beans work wonders, many people resist them because of the potential for causing flatulence. Don't let this stop you. When properly cooked, the potential for causing excess gas can be significantly reduced. One very effective way to prepare dried beans is by soaking them in water overnight and then dumping out the water before cooking them.

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