Trip to the beauty parlour during pregnancy

Nov 24, 2011
Trip to the beauty parlour during pregnancy

Ø A trip to the beauty parlour is safe for mothers who have a very stable pregnancy without any medical condition that requires them to be on hormonal support along with bed rest or any other strict restrictions.

Ø It is always advisable to stick to your regular salon and people whom you are comfortable with and trust with your beauty and body. A place that maintains basic hygiene and sterilisation of all equipments and is visibly clean is of priority.

Ø Most simple services like waxing, threading etc are safe. What the expectant mother needs to keep in mind that her skin would be sensitive and would go through various changes. So being gentle with the skin, application of an aloe vera or smoothening cream or icing post such procedures where the skin experiences abrasive force is advisable.

Ø Pregnancy would not be a great time to experiment with the skin, so sticking to the usual natural hypo allergic treatments are advisable. Eg: the regular facial and regular treatments etc. Maintaining the same posture during procedure may hurt the back so take care to stretch or move around and take a break between prolonged procedures that require being in one particular lying on the back for a long time during a facial or sitting for a pedicure.

Ø Foot reflexology massage where the pressure points in the feet are manipulated must be avoided. There are vital pressure points in the feet which should not be triggered which could alter the expecting women’s vital statistics. Normal massage for the feet and legs is ok.

Ø During a pedicure using extreme hot water may leave swelling in the feet, a final dip before the massage in cold or normal water will reduce the swelling.

Ø Women with gestational diabetes and on insulin should be careful about any traumas during filing cutting or dead skin removal in the hands and feet.

Ø Some women may prefer to carry their own pedicure and manicure kits, brushes and creams.

Ø Straightening the hair or curling hair or any procedure which changes the natural characteristics of hair or skin will require chemicals of harsh nature to be involved, it is best avoided in pregnancies.

Ø Many skin changes that is pigmentation, rashes, itching or eczema can be pregnancy induced so before any random method of beautification is tried one must check with their obstetrician.

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