Trust in relationship


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Jul 5, 2011
Trust in relationship

Without trust, there is no love, they say. Well, one thing is for sure. Love with trust lasts a lot longer than love without it. Distrust can emanate from factors such as insecurity, long distance, flirting, over-possessiveness etc. However, one needs to understand only trust can make the relationship strong and healthy.

For any relationship to grow, one must keep a few things in mind:

1. Consistent:

You don't have to be obsessively predictable. But, your actions must match your words to highlight your commitment.

2. Importance:

Make your partner feel how important s/he is for you. At the same time, let your partner feel your importance in life. If that happens, trust is an automatic consequence.

3. Secrets:

Never speak about your past to your lover. And, if at all s/he knows about it, you need not be elaborate about it. Your past has nothing to do with your present life. In the course of growing intimacy, you may want to share some stories from the past. But that should not happen at the very beginning.

4. Understanding:

Any relationship works only when there is a good quality of understanding.
When you start a relationship, you should accept the flaws and, at the same time, try and understand your partner with his/her imperfections.

5. Who are you?

When in a relationship, your partner must know what sort of a person you are.
While in love, you forget yourself and start living for other person. You get concerned about what s/he is thinking, how s/he is responding to you, and whether or not s/he likes you. It is very important not to forget yourself in the bargain.
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May 28, 2011
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