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Aug 22, 2012
We add turmeric powder to our dishes to give colur.But turmericpowder has many medicinal qualities.In yesteryears women applied turmericpaste on the face after taking bath to get rid of sinus .Those days all took bath in rivers and lakes which have stone steps .These steps have rough surface and we scratch dry turmeric over it to get paste and then apply on the face.This has more effect than our inhalers.

You can apply it on your feet to prevent your skin getting broken and also it acts as a good antiseptic.After the delivery we take grinded turmeric before going for our normal food.Turmeric cleans and make our intestines ready for our diet.we can apply on the wounds made by insects.Now our doctors say TURMERIC is the best steroid and advice to add more in our dishes.

Raw Turmeric grinded with greengram was used as soaps which gives a glowing skin and as well as it is a natural perfume too. women have wringles on the stomach after giving birth to a child and if you apply turmeric paste on those wringles it disappears .I have written a very little about the medicinal value of turmeric .

Turmeric is good for all the reasons.

Gargling with a pinch of turmeric added to hot salt water gives much faster relief for a bad throat than plain salt water.

A glass of warm milk with half teaspoon of turmeric at bedtime provides good relief when you have a bad cold.

A warm paste of haldi and milk applied on the forehead immediatly lessens headaches and makes you sleep sound.

In case of cuts in the kitchen, immediatly apply turmeric on th wound. The bleeding will stop at once.

The uses of this wonderful and humble kitchen ingrediant are endless. Would love to read mor tips from our friends.


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Usha, you have completely brought out the medicinal uses of turmeric powder. This turmeric powder has an historic connection with our Tamil women. In one of the movies very old movie veera paandiya kaatta bomman famous dialogue starts like this " Vaanam Pozhigirathu, Bhoomi vilaigirathu, unakketharkkada kodukkavendum vari (tax)....................nee enna engal veetu mangalappengalukku manjal araiththu koduththaaya??????? maanam kettavane unakkethatharkada kodukka vendum vari(tax) endra andha veeram pongiya vasanam ninaivukku varugirathu ungal manjal post paarththuvittu. thanks

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