Turmeric Remedy for Yeast Infection Natural Cure!!


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Sep 3, 2012
Yeast or Candidas are the microorganisms, normally present in your body. But they can take an opportunity in the people suffering from a weak immunity and start multiplying. This can cause the problem of a yeast infection. It causes some mild conditions like a skin rash or redness to some severe and life-threatening infections of the brain and blood. For healing it, a traditional herb-cum-spice, turmeric, acts as a wonderful remedy. It contains a fine antioxidant property which helps to control and treat the problem of a yeast infection. So learn about the other values of turmeric and the way to use it for this purpose in this information!!

[h=4]TURMERIC FOR YEAST INFECTION[/h]Turmeric is also known as Curcuma longa. Its highly used in the cooking, cosmetic and medicinal fields due to its awesome health benefits. In the whole Asia, this herb is used as ananti-inflammatory agent to treat a number of diseases like liver problems, sprains and sinusitis. And now, many studies have shown that, turmeric has the ability to fight against the growth of harmful microbes and infectious substances. It contains an element called curcumin which holds an anti-candida property. So, turmeric helps to prevent the progress of candida hyphae, which affects the human cells, by initiating the treatment of yeast cells. This process helps to decrease the resistance of yeast cells to the anti-fungal drugs used to kill them. So, the use of turmeric helps to restore the sensitivity of yeast to these drugs.

Turmeric also contains a powerful antioxidant activity. So, it helps to protect your body cells from the dangerous movement of free radicals. So, it makes your whole system stronger to fight against the problem of yeast infection. Basically, it forms a fine remedy for treating the distress of a skin yeast infection. For this, just mix around one teaspoon of turmeric in a few drops of water and apply this paste directly on the affected areas. Cover this application with a thin and soft cotton cloth strip. Keep it in this position until it dries off completely or for around 10 minutes and then clean it with a wet cloth. This remedy may irritate your skin a bit and leave a yellow stain on it. But don’t worry at all as this is just a temporary discomfort.

You can also take turmeric orally for this purpose. For it, just mix around one teaspoon of this herb in a glass of milk and then simply drink it. This remedy will make your body enough strong from inside to kill the problem of yeast infection. For better results, use this solution for at least two times in a day. It will boost your immune system and facilitate some fine anti-inflammatory effects in your body.

However, do consider the point that, the use of turmeric is considered safe only when its used in moderate amounts as its too hot in its element. High doses of this herb can cause certain troubles like an upset stomach, diarrhea, skin rashes and hives. So, use it only in genuine amounts to reap its superb and effective health benefits and treat the problem of yeast infection.



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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Gkarti, you have brought out such rare useful information about the goodness of natural turmeric. thanks

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