Two Week Old Baby Development


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Jul 25, 2011

At just two weeks, your baby is learning more and more everyday. Though you’re still soar and in recovery mode, things may be getting easier as the days go by.

When parents have their first born, they are usually in shock with how much has now changed. Between feeling emotional, still getting used to having your little one around, and getting used to your new schedule, times can be tough sometimes. Just make sure you make time for you and your spouse like old times. Have someone watch your little one so you can still do things like old times, and just do things around the house, or better yet, just catch up on some much needed sleep!

If your little one is now 2 weeks old, there is some visible development! Though they’re still very tiny, they will continue to learn new things and develop everyday.

To see what your baby’s development has consisted of, continue reading below.

Two Week Old Baby Development:

  • Babies at this age prefer to stare at faces, so it is important that they will see people around the house often.
  • Their eyes are also developing a lot and they may now be able to see things with brighter colors.
  • Your baby is very sensitive to noise and so, it is important that you minimize noise producing objects. If you want them to get a sound sleep, you should place them in a room where noise is not audible.
  • Make sure you take time to talk to your baby. Carry them around the house in a baby carrier so they can explore their surroundings. Also, let them get used to your voice so they can easily be soothed when they’re upset.
  • Your baby’s umbilical cord might still be present, so it is important that you keep it sanitized. Try rubbing it with alcohol and then pat it dry. Do not force it by pulling it as this might hurt your baby. Instead, give it a little more time until it falls off naturally.
  • Your baby may also begin to lift their head up while they’re on their tummy. This will help them flex their muscles for further development. You don’t have to worry though if they’re still unable to do it perfectly. By the end of the first month, they should be able to perfect it!

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