unbearable pain .. Migrane


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Jul 5, 2011
unbearable pain .. Migran

A migraine is a severe, painful headache that is often preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs, nausea, vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light and sound.

The headache is usually felt on one or at times on both sides of the head

The pain is mostly felt in the front around your temples or behind the eyes or ears. Thee headaches can start troubling you right from the morning itself

The excruciating pain that migraines bring can last for hours or even days.

people in the ageof 15 to 55 are more prone to Migraine-headaches and it is more common in women than men.

Many of the victims have a family history of the disease.

with the advancement of age, migraine headaches lose its severity and tend to be less frequent.

Causes of Migrane

1. Allergies and allergic reactions

2. Bright lights, loud noises, and certain odors or perfumes

3. Physical or emotional stress

4. Changes in sleep patterns or irregular sleep

5. Smoking or exposure to smoke

6. Skipping meals or fasting

7. Alcohol

8. Menstrual cycle fluctuations, birth control pills, hormone fluctuations during menopause onset

9.Tension headaches

10. Foods containing tyramine (red wine, aged cheese, smoked fish, chicken livers, figs, and some beans), monosodium glutamate (MSG), or nitrates (like bacon, hot dogs, and salami)

11. Other foods such as chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, avocado, banana, citrus, onions, dairy products, and fermented or pickled foods.

symptoms of migraine
Symptoms of migraine can occur a while before the headache, immediately before the headache, during the headache, and after the headache.

1. Moderate to severe pain, usually confined to one side of the head, but switching in successive migraines

2. Pulsing and throbbing head pain

3. Increasing pain during physical activity

4. Inability to perform regular activities due to pain

5. Nausea

6. Vomiting

7. Increased sensitivity to light and sound

8 .Many people experience migraines with auras such as confusing thoughts or experiences and the perception of strange lights, sparkling or flashing lights, lines in the visual field, blind spots, pins and needles in an arm or leg, or unpleasant smells.
9. Migraine sufferers also may have premonitions called prodrome consist of feelings of elation or intense energy, cravings for sweets, thirst, drowsiness, irritability, or depression.

migraine diagnosis

5 or more attacks

4 hours to 3 days in duration

At least 2 of unilateral location, pulsating quality, moderate to severe pain, aggravation by or avoidance of routine physical activity

At least 1 additional symptom such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound.

Tests such as
electroencephalography (EEG),
computed tomography (CT),
magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
and spinal tap may also be performed that check for:

Bleeding within the skull
Blood clot within the membrane that covers the brain
Dilated blood vessel in the brain
Too much or too little cerebrospinal fluid
Inflammation of the membranes of the brain or spinal cord
Nasal sinus blockage
Postictal headache (after stroke or seizure)

Self medication is dangerous. Consult a physicain before taking any medicament

Prescription beta blockers, anticonvulsants, and antidepressants

Botulinum toxin A (Botox)

Surgery that severs corrugator supercilii muscle and zygomaticotemporal nerve in the brain

Spinal cord stimulator implantation

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Vision correction

Exercise, sleep, sexual activity

Visualization and self-hypnosis

Special diets such as gluten free

some natural therapies

One thing that can help is massaging your head as if you were washing your hair.
Or you could place your thumbs underneath the base of the skill on either side of the spinal column.
AromatherapTilt your head back slightly and press upward for two minutes while breathing deeply.

2. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a well known treatment for migraine. The aim is to treat the cause of the attacks, rather than providing a temporary solution.

Acupuncture uses needles in specific points to regulate the blood flow in small vessels. It is also useful in helping to regulate levels of serotonin. Finally, acupuncture releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

Essential oils can be used in inhalations, baths or massages.

4.Autogenic Training
Autogenic training is a type of relaxation technique that uses guided imagery, meditation and biofeedback. The therapy aims to regulate and normalise the body’s blood flow, as migraines are triggered by irregular blood flow.

An Ayurvedic remedy that is helpful for managing migraine

6. Bach Essences
A lot of people that suffer from migraine have trouble with managing their anger. These people may find that a Bach remedy, it balances out the frustration and hopelessness that may lead to migraines.

7. Biofeedback
Biofeedback has been found to reduce both the severity and the frequency of migraine attacks.
Learning biofeedback can help you to control the involuntary functions of your body, such as heart rate or body

can help with both common and classical migraine. Straight chiropractors treat headaches by manipulating the spine to correct subluxation and other imbalances.

9. Deep Breathing
Doing deep breathing exercises will normalise your breathing and increase the oxygen in the body, and this will in turn reduce the pain that you feel.

10. Exercise
An exercise program can reduce the severity and frequency of migraines. Daily exercise is helpful as a preventative measure.

11. Food
Eat foods that reduce the blood’s ability to clot, such as fish, unrefined flax, walnut or pumpkin seed oil, garlic, and onion. Raw wheat germ is a good source of vitamin B3 and B6, which help to balance the levels of serotonin in the body.

Herbal Medicine
It has some of the same anti-inflammatory effects as aspirin but without the side effects. However, feverfew does need to be taken for several weeks before the effects are felt

Gingko biloba –
increases blood circulation, and it may also help to prevent migraine

Ginger tea has been found to be helpful for migraines that occur at the front of the head.

Kava kava
contains kavalactones and has a mellowing effect that may be helpful in the treatment of stress-related migraines.

is traditionally used for relaxation before sleep but it may be helpful for reducing headaches that occur due to stress.

Damiana, kola, sarsaparilla, ginseng – are recommended for migraines that are due to fatigue, lassitude, and general debility.

Lavender- has antispasmodic properties and is cooling

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