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Feb 12, 2015
hi friends

i am 4 month pregnant and i am working for 9 hours. last month my father in law gone under operation. so he is taking full bed rest for 3 month. me and my sil were taking care of him. sil is now staying with us to take care of her father. as i am working and pregnant i am able to do so many works. my sil is not sharing any works in home or kitchen. her work is only giving tablets to father. she don't cook. she don't involve in any other house hold works. but i need to cook for her and wash her clothes. morning times due to vomiting i lose all my energy. i can't stand in kitchen for long time. but she never cares about me when i am tired. what to do. how can i ask her to share work with me. my husbands feels guilty about his sister.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai...Selvi.

Congrats for your pregnancy.

Sad to hear about the way your SIL behaves. but please don't worry.

You can arrange one servant maid for all the domestic help.

So that you can concentrate only on cooking and nothing else, since you need to go for job also.

This will be helpful for you even after your delivery.

And this vomiting may sometimes subside after 4th or 5th month, generally.

Only your husband or your FIL should tell your SIL to help you, atleast to some extent since you feel very hard to cope up with everything along with your vomiting problem.

Even then it is very doubtful, whether she will do. this is because, when she is willingly not coming forward already, she may not help even if they tell.

But sometimes, she may also not know that she should help you. few ladies are like this only, they think that they need not do any kind of help in their parent's house.

So, you may ask your husband to tell her to help you in cutting the vegetables and preparing the coffee for everyone and similar small works.

He can even tell her that, she also would make the wonderful coffee and they would like to taste her coffee.

But he should be a bit careful in telling this. He should not tell that, only her way of cooking or anything else is good, because, later, she might go and tell others that, her brother is not satisfied with the way his wife handles the works and that you are not a capable person.

The best person who is tell her is your FIL. He can tell whatever he wants to tell. Your husband can also ask his father to tell his daughter to help you in household works.

Please do not wash her clothes. Hope you would be having the washing machine.

either she can operate this, or the servant maid or your husband (even if your SIL moves to her house).

We pray for your safe delivery.

Are you going to your mother's place for delivery? During that time, what will your husband and FIL will do?
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