Update your summer wardrobe


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Update your summer wardrobe

A few simple purchases could change your look for the season
You don't have to toss all your old clothes into the trash can and go on a spending spree for a brand new wardrobe. All you need is to shop for a few unique garments and voila, you are summer ready and at your trendiest best for the season.

The first step involves buying something in florals. This is a motif that announces summer in any part of the world, and colourful blooms were hot on the international runways too this year. But don't restrict this motif only for your clothes. You can wear floral prints on your shoes, jewellery and even your handbag, besides floral skirts, dresses or trousers.

The next way to instantly update your summer wardrobe is to buy something in white. There is nothing quite as chic as a crisp white button down shirt with a pair of blue jeans. But you can take this further and wear white trousers, a white floppy hat or sport a fabulous white tote or slouchy handbag for any mid summer do.

Another way to update your sartorial stuff is to go in for a pleated skirt. The tiny accordion pleats are back and so wear these skirts this summer and team them with crop tops or a hot blouse.

Going for brights is the best way to bring in the hot season. Vibrant colours and bolder styles make for perfect summer wear. But some experts suggest that going for a water inspired palette and cool blues are also a good look for the season.

Whatever you do, keep your look light, airy and cool. It's the only way to bring in the prettiest season of the year.


Banned User
Jun 5, 2012
I always update my summer wardrobe with lots of t shirts and shorts then jeans and all.I just love to wear various types of t shirts in summer.

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