Use Hair Rollers The Right Way!


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Jul 5, 2011
Use Hair Rollers The Right Way!

Women with straight hair often get bored with the same plain look. This is the reason why perming or curling straight hair at times become necessary for them. While using rollers, many women end up tangling their hair or spoiling their hairstyle. If you want to use rollers on your hair, you have to be very careful. Check out these step by step guidelines to use rollers on your hair.

How to choose the right rollers for your hair?

1. Firstly, choose the right rollers for your hair. Depending on the quantity of your hair, you can pick up the hair rollers.

2. For normal hair use heated rollers, plastic for thin hair, and Velcro or foam rollers for thick hair. These rollers have different pins to attach the hair while rolling.

3. If you are using rollers on dry hair then opt for heated rollers. Magnetic curlers can be used on wet hair to make them look voluptuous.

4. Smaller hair rollers are great to set tight and mass curls on long hair. So, if you have long hair, opt for small rollers but make sure they are not too small to roll your hair strands.

Step by step guidelines to use rollers and get voluptuous hair:

1. Comb your hair and detangle the strands completely. Now separate sections of your hair with a wide tooth comb.

2. If you want to create many curls, divide the sections into more small parts. This adds more volume to the curled hair.

3. Use hair pins to keep the separated hair apart. Now open one part and roll the hair from its end. Place the roller at the end and start twisting the hair around.
4. Make sure the rollers are adjusted tightly. Use the roller in the direction where you want the curls to go. After twisting, pin the roller. If the roller is not adjusted properly then re-do.

5. Repeat the process with other hair parts. Spray mist or hair spray on your hair after rolling all the parts. This locks the set making the curls turn perfectly. Mist spray also makes the curls bouncy and shiny.

Leave for 30-45 minutes. If you are in a hurry, use a hair dryer. Open each roller carefully. Use your fingertips to set your hair. You can again spray your hair to make them manageable and last till the next hair wash. Your voluptuous hair is all set. Enjoy your new look!
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Jul 3, 2012
if i buy a hair roller n start using with hair dryer ll i gt a good result like hw thy do in parlor ah s tat useful caus am planning 2 buy a hair roller so pls tell mme gud ans

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