Use of Apricots


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Water is an important substance in the body and skin need to maintain the production of collagen and elastic. If the body lacks water will trigger dehydration so the skin looks dull, rough, easily irritated and cracked.

You can restore moisture to the skin of the face and body mask apricot fruit contains vitamin A and C refer to the tips below:

1. Clean the eyes and lips using makeup remover to remove any remaining eye shadow and lipstick that still attached.

2. Continue to clean the face with a milk cleanser to clean the dirt that sticks to the face.

3. Perform facial scrub using the extra green tea / green tea is useful to remove dead skin cells and the overall total, and make the face becomes moist.

4. Evaporation is useful to open the pores of the face when applying to be absorbed by face mask apricot in total.

5. To lift blackheads and impurities are difficult to remove the scrub and other cleanup done by vacuum, lift blackheads and impurities that are in the T and forehead

6. After the vacuum process, do the instant shooting gel that gives the face a soothing effect. Continue with a high frequency that is useful to kill the germs that are still attached to the face due to the removal of blackheads and closed the little pores and reduce inflammation in the face after the vacuum process.

7. Apply apricot mask with extra rosemary mixture contains vitamin C and A are good for providing nutrients to the skin, prevent shrinkage, and contain collagen that can restore dry skin becomes more moist and toned.


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