Use Toothbrush For Glowing Skin


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Jul 5, 2011
Use Toothbrush For Glowing Skin

Acne, pimples, black spots etc. are some of the skin problems that most of us face. There are a myriad of treatments for all these skin problems. Right from using creams and lotions to complicated skin treatments, we try anything and everything to get rid of ugly scars and pimples on our face.

However, there are some simple home remedies that are known to cure skin acne. Exfoliating your skin is the best way to cure this. You can prepare an exfoliating scrub at home or use your own scrub and exfoliate in a unique way – using toothbrush. Read ahead and learn about how you can use a toothbrush for skin treatments.

Tips to use toothbrush for skin treatment:

1.The first tip to make a note of in using toothbrush for skin treatment is to use a soft bristle toothbrush. Keeping in mind the fact that facial skin is delicate, we have use a soft brush for exfoliating. Choose a baby brush, the softest available.

2.Avoid using this technique for skin treatment for a long duration, as skin tends to loosen as we grow older. Continuous exfoliation may cause excessive dryness of skin.

3.A toothbrush comes in handy while doing a manicure or pedicure right at home. You can clean easily between the nail and skin, thus keeping the skin clean.

4.Always moisturize the skin after toothbrush exfoliation to clear skin acne and pimples.

5.If the toothbrush exfoliation is giving rise to new pimples, refrain immediately from doing it.

6.The tough skin on your elbows and knees can be made softer by gently scrubbing by using a toothbrush.
7.Brush your neck with a toothbrush, using a mild scrub, and get rid of the dark skin on your neck.

Note: Though using a toothbrush for skin treatment is effective at most times, avoid using it on very sensitive skin or if you have too many pimples. To treat this skin condition, seek help from a dermatologist.

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