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Jan 8, 2015
The simplest way to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes is to sandwich them between two plastic lids and run a long knife through all of them at once!Keep brown sugar soft by storing with a couple of marshmallowsDeodorize sponges in the microwave. Soak in water spiked with white vinegar or lemon juice and put on fill power for one minute. Use tongs to remove as it will be hot!Use a magnetic strip to store bobby pins on inside of a cupboard.Use a magnetic strip to store bobby pins on inside of a cupboard."File" clothes vertically in drawers so you can see your clothes at a glance.Cover paint trays with aluminium foil to make cleaning up afterwards a breeze Place a layer of waxed paper on top of kitchen cupboards to prevent grease and dust from settling. Switch out every few months to keep them clean.Easily draw out a splinter for easy removal by applying a paste of baking soda and water.Hang a bundle of chalk in the closet to keep everything fresh and dry. The chalk absorbs excess moisture - a thrifty alternative to an electric dehumidifier!

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