Utilize these dramatic eye makeup tips for bold eyes


Ruler's of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Using an eyebrow pencil one shade darker than your brows will frame your face and create a dramatic border for your eyes.

  • When applying eyeliner, extend the line a little beyond the outer corner of the upper lash line, and sweep it slightly upward. Also line along the bottom lashes line, but don’t close the upper and lower lines at the outer corner-doing this will make your eyes appear smaller.

  • Apply a light eye shadow shade from lash line to eyebrow and a dark shade in the crease. This will make your lids look larger and more dramatic. For more vivid color, apply a medium shade on the lid and over the crease.

  • To keep the attention on your dramatic eyes, wear nude lip gloss, and stay away from bright lipstick shades such as red or pink.

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