Vaastu Tips for Married Life


Guru's of Penmai
Feb 5, 2011
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[TD="width: 100%"]A Successful and happy marriage is a dream for every couple. Happy and successful marriage has some characteristics. Let us discuss some points:

Sweet Relations: Check where your bedroom lies, couples who have southeast bedroom always remain irritated and have clashes in their relations. According to vaastu southeast is a place for fire and fire related gadjets. Logically when sun reaches the southeast direction it emanates Infrared rays. The infrared rays are very harmful for the skin also, and these rays are stored in the room and makes the living uncomfortable. Never hang pictures of animal fights, hunting lion, fire scenes, trees devoid of flowers and fruits, dead and stuffed animals and specially pictures of pigeons, crows, lions, snakes, vultures owls etc.

Harmony with other family members: Keeping good relations with other family members is very important after the marriage. Analyze your gas stove and sink in your kitchen. Gas stove is agni (fire) and sink is representing water. If agni element and water element are wrongly placed relations in a family are affected.

Knife and scissors: Knife and scissors in the kitchen or dining areas should be kept covered. Display or openly placed knife and scissors give a bad relation. Pickles should also be kept in a covered place. Display of pickles creates sourness in relations.

Children: Newly married or couple�s aspiring a child should never sleep in a Northeast room. The strong magnetic energies from this corner can create harm in both conceiving a child and survival of unborn baby. Check that your bedroom may not have any red or very sharp color, arrow like things or nails pointing towards you. Also check the placement of your Water tank, if it is placed in Southwest direction of the house/plot it can be a big cause for conception problems. Houses where Northeast corner is not available, there also the occupants may conception problems. Normally plots facing with diagonal directions do not have corners in the sub-directions. In such cases we must create identity for sensitive directions. If you have trees in your house which does not flower may strengthen your problems regarding the progeny. Normally ashoka and keeker trees are not considered good.

Healthy sexual relations: Check the colors of the room, the colors should not be dull. Room with total white shades or total violet shades are spiritual colors and should not be used in couple rooms. Couple should not occupy northeastern rooms. Especially for maintaining love in married life there should be no single identity in the couple room like no single duck, butterfly, bird, deer etc one should always get a pair. Stress is big enemy for sex in married life, avoid stress creating activities from the bedroom, Like computers, office like environment in the bedroom avoid office work in bedroom. If we analyze steady vaastu we should see the directions underground water tanks, pillars erected in building structure etc.

Sufficient finances: Enough finances is an integral part for a happy marriage. See the placement of your bedrooms it should be in strongest directions of structure. We should take care to nourish the sensitive and authoritative directions which are northern and eastern sides. There should be more openings on northern sides. Houses which are on T facing(Such house where the road ends) are not auspicious. It can be called as a school for the house this means a poisonous arrow towards you. Human relations are complicated as body nerves. Every person has high expectations from the other relation. Vaastu agrees with the law of nature. What we want from others we have to give the same for e.g. when we inhale we cannot keep inhaling regularly. We have to exhale also, so the principle of give and take keeps the relationship fit.

-Puneet Chawla


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