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Sep 3, 2012
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Here are some effective Home Remedies For Yeast Infection:

  • Include a Glass of buttermilk in your Diet. It helps in Curing Yeast infection.
  • Take the leaves of Sweet Basil(ThiruneetruPachilai in Tamil,which is commonly available in houses – Stores) and squeeze well after cleaning in water. Apply the essence of the squeezed leaves on the affected area. Apply this for three days, its an effective way of treating Yeast Infection.
  • Honey Works out well in treating Yeast infection. Keep it on the places where you find rashes for 15 Minutes and wash it off with Warm water.
  • To get rid of Itching and Irritation, Apply Baby Oil with aloe vera on those affected areas.
  • Prepare a Mixture of Vinegar, Olive leaf Extract and Warm warm. Soak the affected area in this for about 15 Minutes. Its very effective in curing yeast infection.
  • Applying Plain Yogurt externally on the affected area Will give a relief and reduce irritation.

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